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Best Generator for Home Uses in India


Best Generators Brand in India

Power cut has been perennial issues especially during summers when electric load is on its full swing. Neither resident can live in homes nor employees in offices without electricity. A generator acts as a backup to guarantee that the appliances get uninterrupted power supply. In case, you are in an expedition of searching high quality generators at a very reasonable price, then the following discussion will certainly help you in this regard:

The following is the list of top 5 finest generators for home or office application in India:

1. Birla Power Generator

Thus company delivers the home generators in extensive range for numerous purposes. The variety contains Portable Silent DIESEL Gensets, Portable Silent PETROL /LPG (Optional) Gensets, Portable Silent Multifuel Gensets, etc.

The following are the leading models of Birla Power Generator:

a. Birla Power BEN 6000 A 3.7 KVA Generator

b. Birla Power EG 1400A 1.3 KVA Generator

c. Birla Power EG 2200A 1.7 KVA Generator

d. Birla Power Ecogen EG 3000A 2.5 KVA Generator


2. Mitsubishi Generator

Mitsubishi is well-known for its premium quality goods for over and above 100 years. The diversity of the goods in the generator subdivision includes Premium, Economy along with Welder.

All its generators are manufactured in such a way that it can run 24/7 together with the best performance. The indispensable features of these generators are OHV engine, superiority automatic idle switch, consistent full frame, automatic voltage controller, permanent low oil device as well as a big fuel reservoir.

Prominent Models of Mitsubishi Generator:

a. Mitsubishi MGE2901 3.625 KVA Generator

b. Mitsubishi MGE1300T 1.625 KVA Generator

c. Mitsubishi MGE1801 2.25 KVA Generator

d. Mitsubishi MGA2901 3 KVA Generator


3. Bajaj Generator

The price of the BAJAJ powerhouse LPG generators is also fairly low as compared to the parallel other models of the diverse brand. The vital features of the Bajaj generators are Recoil Start, ultra-compact design, lightweight in addition to lowest running expenses.

Prominent Models of Bajaj Generator:

a. Bajaj Powerhouse BG1000 LPG generator

b. Bajaj Powerhouse BG2500 LPG generator

c. Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2800 Silent LPG

d. Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2500 LPG


4.  Yamaha Generator

This company also delivers the popular portable generators. It denotes that you can use it outdoor or else in door either for the commercial or non-commercial drives. These generators hold the lengthiest production engine durability along with it is a light weight product.

There is an auto warm-up feature in its products accompanied by the Yamaha’s oil look out warning system. The greatest feature so the Yamaha generators are 12 Volt DC output, 12-volt batteries, bulky size fuel fill access, high-class dual coil alternator stator, along with warranty period of three years. The maximum number of the Yamaha models takes gas fuel option and the backup generators style.

Prominent Models of Yamaha Generator:

a. Yamaha EF2600 3.25 KVA Generator

b. Yamaha EF6600DE 8.24 KVA Generator

c. Yamaha EF4000DE 5 KVA Generator

d. Yamaha EF12000DE 15 KVA Generator


5.  Honda Generator

The famous Honda Company offers a decent variety of the best generator at the rational price in India. The maximum number of its models goes to the portable class. It is your choice that whether you wish to buy a fuel type of Kerosene, Petrol, LPG etc.

The company also delivers the variety of home generators whose collection begins with the capability of 2000 watts, 120V. These generators are noiseless as well as stress-free to transport since it weighs less than 47 lbs. The core benefit of it is fuel efficiency which it provides.

Prominent Models of Honda Generator:

a. Honda Handy Series EM 650 0.45 KVA Generator

b. Honda Handy Series EK 400 0.35 KVA Generator

c. Honda EXK 2800s 2.1 KVA Generator

d. Honda EXK 2800 2.1 KVA Generator

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