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Birla Power Generator: Filled with Several Features

Birla Power Solutions was incorporated in Mumbai on 27th April 1984. The company was promoted both by Tunghabhadra Industries Ltd. as well as Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. It manufactures portable generators as well as multi-purpose engines.

Fast Facts:

The corporation entered into a technical-cum-financial partnership.

It made an agreement with the giant firm, Yamaha Motors Co. Ltd (YMCL) of Japan on 31st August.

The firm YMCL was to arrange for knowledge and technical information for execution of the company's project along with for the production of portable generating sets.

The portable generator sets as well as engines produced by the corporation would be in the series of 0.5 KW to 4.0 KV. In case of generators, the firm adopted the self-excitation brushless system which would trigger the process immune to dust, humidity in addition to other vagaries of atmospheric conditions.

For the making of multi-purpose engines, the method embraced is the condenser discharge ignition which would remove unwelcome parts resulting in better fuel efficiency as well as low maintenance costs.


Finest Features of the Birla Power Generator

  1. Whether you enjoy camping or need power at a remote job location, the portable generator provides power where you require it
  2. CO shutoff. The generator will burn fuel, as well as this fuel can create carbon monoxide
  3. Outlets
  4. Inverter
  5. Automatic start
  6. Displays

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