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Difference between 500 Grade and 500D Grade Steel

In the Fe 500 and Fe 500D the term “Fe” signifies Iron,”500” stands for the least yield stress in N/mm2 as well as the letter “D” signifies that such bars have upper values of ductility. However, the tensile strength of steel remains the similar for both these products.


Fe 550 Grade steel TMT Bar


The strengthening steel bars employed in RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) are elected as Fe415 or Fe500 depending on their Yield Potency. Thus, Fe500 steel denotes the reinforcement steel rods (or bars) that can safely bear up a Yield Stress of 500 N/mm2 which is mightier than 415 N/mm2 by ~20%.


Their properties are honestly much alike to that of Fe 500. Excluding they have better yield strength which is somewhat more than Fe 500. They are most appropriate for slightly large scale projects like heavy underground structures and bridges.


Fe 550 D Grade steel TMT Bar


In the Fe 500 and Fe 500D the term “Fe” signifies Iron,”500” stands for the least yield stress in N/mm2 and the letter “D” signifies that such bars have elevated values of ductility. These bars encompass lower percentages of sulphur as well as phosphorus which are detrimental for steels utilized in construction.


It has high corrosion resistance, brilliant bend ability and immense resistance on dynamic loading; it is employed in RCC constructions in building, bridges in addition to other concrete structures.

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