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Keshree Steel: Finest Steel for Construction


Keshree TMT: Providing Strength

Inspired by the strength of a lion, the company aims to provide top class reinforcement bar to empower every home by pure strength.

A Driving Heritage

Keshree Metallurgies Private Limited is a fragment of the Kishore Group of companies, whose heritage dates back up to 4 decades. Pioneering in the segments of consumer goods resembling to detergents and toiletries thru the flagship brand “ETA”, Kishore group of companies additionally diversified in steel making and construction.

The group is one of the premier producers of value steel in India. The company had its modest commencement in 1989 thru a production volume of 10,000 TPA of crude steel. Over the last 2 decades it has been continuously upgrading its capability and has now reached a capability of above than 100,000 TPA of rolled steel. From the production of steel ingots, KMPL has expanded into the manufacturing of steel billets as well as TMT bars.

Keshree TMT Steel Price

Size Price Date
16mm Rs.54,050 MT to Rs.67,500 MT 2022

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Superior Strength

The Finest Steel Has To Undergo The Hottest Fire. The Group Takes Pride In Its 550 TMT Bars, A TMT Bar Through High Yeild And Tensile Strength. An Exclusive Steel Making As well as Cooling Process Makes Them Safer and Extra Ductile.

Rich Chemistry

Its TMT Steel Has Low Levels Of Sulpher Plus Phosphorus As They Lower The Hardiness Of The Steel. Its State Of The Art Technology Makes Use Of Induction Furnace That Guarantees There Is No Compromise On The Excellence Of Steel. High Uts As well as Ys Ratio and Added Percentage Elongation Indicate That the Steel Is Proficient to Strain Harder, In The Incident Of an Earthquake.

Pure Steel

By reason of the highly meticulous Process That Ensures a Microstructure Thru a Soft Core. These Bars Have Excellent Bendability, In spite of The Class="Text-Blue"Eir Strength, Enabling Easy Bending, Making Work Easier as well as Quicker at the Erection Site. The Superior Welding Is Completed Using The Preheating Technique Which Diminishes Wastage. The Low Carbon Equivalent Signifies That the Welding Is Stress-free Yet Stronger.


By Executing The State Of Art Germen Technology Being Used Universally To Manufacture High Class TMT Bars, The Group Produces Steel Of Developed Strength, Ductility, Weld ability, Bonding Plus Bendability, With The Extra Advantage Of Being Anti-Corrosive, Earthquake as well as Heat Resistant.
Its Rolling Mill is Equipped with Programmed Machinery for Even Spaced and Exact Depth Rib Cutting. It is in fact Cable of Cutting Ribs at Any Angle or else Even Enlargingribs. The Homogeneity and Accuracy of Ribs Sources the Anchorage between Steel As well as Concrete To Be Much Tougher. The Load Circulation Will Be Even Across The Whole Length Of TMT Bar, Therefore Making Structure Stronger.


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Tmt Bars is used when

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Laying Down Foundation

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