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OPC and PPC Applications and Benefits


Shiva Cement: Touching the Sky Limit

Shiva Cement Ltd (SCL) was established in 1985 and its first commercial production inaugurated in 1986 in Orissa. The factory site is advantageous, through raw materials as well as ready markets in the locality. Owing to sufficient stock of captive Limestone at Khatkur Bahal Mines, it plans to upsurge production to 4000 TPD Clinker as well as expand its territory in the states of West Bengal, Orrisa, Jharkhand along with Bihar. The company is the maker of high-strength “Mahabal” cement which actually consists of both Portland Slag Cement (PSC) as well as Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC).


Portland Pozzolana Cement (Mahabal)


  1. Reduced thermal cracks because of lower heat of hydration as contrasted to OPC
  2. Decreased shrinkage cracks as contrasted to OPC, PPC
  3. Enhanced workability as well as smooth finish
  4. Enriched cohesion
  5. Superior resistance against chemicals
  6. Advanced long term strength
  7. Improved toughness
  8. Green product
  9. Developed flexural strength


  1. Dams
  2. Concrete roads and flyovers
  3. Efficient water plants and water retaining structures
  4. Industrial and residential buildings
  5. Foundation subsoil works
  6. Mass Construction works
  7. Marine Works
  8. Pile Construction Works

Portland Slag Cement (Mahabal)

JSW Portland Slag Cement (PSC) is amalgamated cement; where in certain portion of OPC is swapped with Ground coarse blast furnace slag (GGBS), to create the structures long lasting and durable.


  1. Decreased thermal cracks by reason of lower heat of hydration as compared to OPC
  2. Decreased shrinkage cracks as associated to OPC, PPC
  3. Upgraded workability and level finish
  4. Better-quality cohesion
  5. Restored resistance against chemicals
  6. Upper long term strength
  7. Improved stability
  8. Higher flexural strength
  9. Green product


  1. Dams
  2. Efficient water plants and water retaining structures
  3. Industrial and residential buildings
  4. Concrete roads and flyovers
  5. Foundation subsoil works
  6. Marine Works
  7. Pile Construction Works
  8. Mass Construction works



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