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TATA Steel TMT Bar: Brand that Indian can Trust

TMT bars are extensively employed in construction projects, these days. There have been strides in their application by leaps and bounds since the last decade. They are extremely easy to transport because of their lightweight built, TMT Bars by means of their longer and better toughness, and weld ability as well as advanced tensile strength and improved elongation value, augment the pace of the construction course of action, while ensuring that lesser steel is utilized for the same quantity of construction.


What are the applications of TMT bars?

The bars are used in constructing residential structures, high rise buildings, bridges, fly over, and dams in addition to other kinds of civil engineering structures.


Where TMT bars are utilized in tata steel?

Be it built-up house, high rise or else any other structure it can be exposed to fire at any instance. Internationally many a buildings collapsed because of fire hazards. TMT Bars can soak up heat up to 600 degree Celsius. These are the applications of TMT Steel bars gurgaon.


Special features of TMT bar:

TMT bars undergo in the course of Bend and Re-Bend test for the reason that they are comparatively high strength steels, along with the ribs on the bar surface operate as stress concentrators. Higher yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength in addition to higher percentage elongation while compared to cold twisted bars (CTD) of similar grade.



What is the price of TATA TISCON 12mm rod?


Prices beginning from

TATA TMT bar 12mm price

Rs.56,000 per MT

TATA TISCON 8mm price

Rs.59,000 per MT

TATA TISCON 10mm price

Rs.58,500 per MT

TATA TISCON 16mm / 20mm price

Rs.57,000 per MT

Why Tata steel is greatest?

Tata Steel Group is among the top worldwide steel companies by means of an annual crude steel capacity of 33 million tones every annum. It is one of the world's main geographically-diversified steel producers, by way of operations and commercial presence across the globe.


Which Tata TMT bar is most excellent?

1.) Tata Tiscon SD (Tremendous Ductile)

2.) Tata Tiscon 500D



Tata Tiscon Sd TMT Rebar, Grade: Fe 500D

Trade name



Fe 500D

Country of Origin

Made in India

Stuff Grade





Rate of Tata Tiscon Rod:

It is a fact that, only very few TMT manufacturer provides the maximum yield trength of Fe650 i.e 650 MPa Yield Strength. The TATA Tiscon SD is the brand which manufactures TMT bars in the midst of maximum 650MPa.


Special Features of Tata TMT Reinforcement Steel

  • First-rate Weld-ability.
  • Elevated strength with superior elongation.
  • Admirable Ductility.
  • Upper Fatigue Strength.
  • Resistance to fire risks.
  • Easy workability at location.
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance.
  • Improved Bonding Strength.


Which TMT bars is finest for roof in India?

In India, Best TMT bar for roof in house structure are TMT bar of steel grade Fe500 as well as Fe550 with SD, produced from Tata tiscon, JSW Steel, Jindal Panther, Shyam Steel in addition to srmb Steel tmt.


Which grade TMT bar is excellent for construction in India?

TMT Steel or TMX steel is the greatest bet for house construction. They are the most recent generation of reinforcement steel (high-strength along with ductile than their forerunners). They are in fact graded as Fe415, Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550 i.e. yield strength of 415, 500 as well as 550 N/ sq mm respectively. Superior grade are also available.


Applications of Tata Steel TMT Bars:

Tata Steel first and foremost serves customers in the automotive, consumer goods, engineering, construction, packaging, lifting as well as excavating, energy as well as power, aerospace, shipbuilding, rail along with defense plus security sectors.

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