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A One Gold Steel: Producing First Class TMT Bars

A one Gold TMT Steel Bar

  1. A-One Steel Group is the first corporation in Karnataka and touching areas to do direct hot charging of billets

  2. The group emphases on decreased carbon loss, a-one quality products ad being environment friendly.

  3. The group uses german 'THERMAX' technology for production of greater quality steel TMT Bars.

  4. It has a joint venture of 230MW with Solar as well as Wind Energy, being one of the major PPA in India.

  5. The Group owns a complete united steel plant which includes, containing the production ability of sponge iron, power plant (WHRB, solar as well as wind), furnaces, rolling mills, billets, LRF and blooms of all grades, HR rolling mills, HRC Sheet, tubes as well as pipes, cold rolling mill, galvanized coils as well as tubes, and ferro alloys.

  6. It is a leading steel company, with a yearly steel production volume of 1 MnTPA.

  7. The Group’s product quality is according to IS:1786-2008

A one Gold TMT Steel Bar Price

Size Price Date
8mm A one Gold TMT Rs.61,050 MT to Rs.68,050 MT As on 2021

TMT Bars:

The group makes the greatest TMT bars for you

A-One Gold TMT Bars are manufactured in Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550D, CRS compatible to IS: 1786 Grade. Nevertheless, carbon levels are limited much lower than those settling to specification, which outcomes in brilliant ductility, high bendability, as well as superior weld ability.

Mechanical Properties

On account of its exclusive method of manufacturing, its TMT Bars possesses a mixture of strength and ductility that is far higher than the minimum limit stated in the standard IS: 1786. Absolutely, these superior values of strength and ductility are a promise of a greater level of safety.


The tough external surface and soft core of the TMT bars result in rebar with outstanding bendability. The bar can be bent simply around mandrels much smaller in diameter as compared to what is detailed in IS: 1786. This has an noticeable benefit at construction sites.

Dimensional Tolerance

The TMT Bar is supplied thru sectioned weight lower than the small value and is definite for not more than 1% heavy. This guarantees higher meter age per unit weight as equated to ordinary re-bars.

Seismic Resistance

Unchanging ductility results in the larger seismic resistant property for the TMT Bars.

Corrosion Resistant

TMT Bar is manufactured by thermo-mechanical treatment as well as not by cold twisting. As a result, there is no torsional reducing stress which outcomes in superior corrosion resistance characteristics.

Thanks to these world-class properties, it is the best TMT manufacturers in South India.


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