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ACC Cement: A Trustworthy Brand in Construction Industry 

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ACC Limited (ACC) is a prominent player in this Indian building materials space, through a pan-India manufacturing as well as marketing presence.

For over eight decades, ACC has been identical with cement, creating its reputation as an innovator organisation that unswervingly sets new yardsticks in research and state-of-the-art product development.

ACC’s brand architecture includes the Gold range as well as Silver range of products promising superior quality for general construction in addition to specialised applications and atmospheres. This ready mix concrete product collection delivers one-stop solutions from elementary necessities to high grades of concrete to shape the country’s tallest buildings.


Gold Range


It is expressly formulated cement with matchless binding properties intended to deliver high strength. Seamless for all concrete applications –columns, beams, foundations and roofs – the product comes in a unique tamper-proof packaging.


It is scientifically developed with an exclusive blend of constituents. It is radical fresh cement with greater strength, superfine quality as well as super-fast setting formula that allows tough construction in speedy time.


This is India’s chief water-repelling cement by way of a exceptional water-resistant formula to defend your home from water leakage.

Silver Range


It is developed over years of wide-ranging research. It is a commanding, world-class product proposing from the reliable house of ACC.

Its distinctive properties originate together to offer the most dense and waterproof concrete. Categorized by high strength, power in addition to superior resistance to corrosion, it creates your dream home strong as well as beautiful.

ACC Suraksha Power +

This is an advanced presenting developed through PSD technology as well as comes in tamper-proof Adstar wrapping. Its higher quality and cutting-edge formula makes your dream house endure the test of time.


It is high-performance cement that forms robust bonds as well as makes dense concrete. It combats corrosion as well as resists cracks to guarantee that your dream home remains durable and contain a long life.

ACC Super Shaktimaan

It has been systematically made keeping your requirements in mind. It marks your home robust from the inside as well as guards it from injurious effects of rust. The product keeps your home strong as well as beautiful year after year.

ACC Bulk:

To transport its cement from the ACC factory in Wadi, Karnataka, the ACC brand has developed the most sophisticated bulk unloading facility in Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, in a cooperative venture with the Indian government.

Three 5000-ton capacity silos are included in the Kalamboli station to store the cement, which is transported in specially designed railway waggons. The company has a fleet of 15-tonne road-bulkers that are used to transport cement right away to the construction site of the end-user. The station has three ways of evacuation: jumbo bags (one and 1.5 tonnes), bulk tanker trucks along with 50 kg bags. Mechanized loading as well as unloading of cement decreases manual interference to the barest least.


  • No management from the factory to your location, therefore precise weight

  • Guaranteed quality.

  • Instant delivery, as a result no need to stock inventory

  • Tamper proof delivery, thus no adulteration possible

  • Stable supply

  • Order merely when you are ready to utilize, so your cash is not confined

Customer profile

Potential customers for bulk cement are RMX producers, government agencies, institutions, contractors, builders, producers of pre-cast invented concrete blocks, asbestos sheets as well as many more. Countless of them include their own batching plants as well as are employing bulk cement.

Ready Mixed Concrete:

Concrete is essentially a concoction of Portland cement, water as well as aggregates comprising sand in addition to gravel or crushed stone. In old-style construction locations, each of these materials was procured independently and blended in detailed proportions at location to mark concrete.

Ready Mixed Concrete, or else RMX as it is commonly known, refers to concrete that is precisely manufactured somewhere else as well as transported in a Transit Mixer for distribution to the client's construction site in a ready-to-use recently mixed state. It can be custom-made to suit diverse applications. It is bought as well as sold by volume - typically articulated in cubic meters.

Ready Mixed Concrete Value Added Products

It was the first to make known to Ready Mixed Concrete in India, but its ground-breaking efforts do not end there. The mission for customer excellence inspires Ready Mixed Concrete to involve in a nonstop process of product development which is customer oriented showing the way to the introduction of a crowd of new products, services as well as solutions.

A one-stop shop for everything from modest, basic needs to higher grades of concrete used to build the country's tallest structures, ACC Ready Mixed Concrete's product line offers everything.

The brand is armed with an extensive portfolio of fresh Value Added Products Solutions for diverse applications, all custom-made to meet detailed customer requirements.

What’s more it has the support of the company’s massive and experienced cement sales network which can in fact be leveraged to aim the retail section.


It is an expert green concrete developed by means of an Exclusive Green Ready Mix Expertise that permits dropping the carbon footprint by 30%-100% as contrasted to a reference concrete planned with OPC. Its products make use of CO2 decreased components and are with enhanced mix designs to decrease their carbon footprint by equal to 100%

Necessity for ACC ECOMaxX

As a up-to-date building material, concrete lets you to be creative as well as maintainable at the same time. The strength of its constituents as well as structures, its heat as well as fire resistance, in addition to its strength, are indispensible facets with which concrete by now scores extremely as a building material. Through ECOMaxX, it now increases sustainability even further by adding a further dimension and a green component to its performance.

  • To be sited as an industry partner through a vision for a well future

  • To turn out to be an active donor to the preservation of the worldwide environment

  • Provides a chance to do something for nature as well as be a fragment of the Ecological Agreement

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