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Aditya Birla Paint: The New Venture - Paints in India


Aditya Birla Group’s leading company, Grasim

 Industries to venture into the paints business by an initial capital expenses of Rs 5,000 crore over the next three years. The Company believes that this segment is expected to be value accretive to its shareholders.

“The venture into paints is a planned portfolio choice for Grasim by way of it looks to recognize new growth engines.

Top Profits of Interior Painting

  1. Raise the Value of Your Home. Painting your household is one of the simplest and least exclusive ways to upsurge the general value of your home.
  2. Lift Your Mood at Home.
  3. Defend and End Damage to Your Home.
  4. Advance Air Quality in and Around Your Household.
  5. Redecorate Your Interior.


How does paint shield your home?

Protection from Mold and Rot

Moisture, in case left unchecked, can be seated inside the wood on as well as under the surface. Exterior painting defends your home from all types of moisture. If moisture commences to seep in, wood rot can become entrenched as well. In case wood starts to rot, mold is not too far behind.

What is the purpose of painting your house?

The purpose of painting is to expand the appearance of your building and to shield it from damage by water, erosion, insects in addition to mould.

How frequently should a house be painted?

Outsides should be painted every five to ten years, depending on the excellence of paint and expertise it was painted with previous time. Here are a few guidelines based on outdoor surface: Wood surfaces need to be painted every three to seven years. Aluminium siding requires to be painted about every five years.

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