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Aluplast uPVC doors and Windows

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The family-owned company Aluplast was established in Ettlingen (near Karlsruhe in Germany) in the month December 1982 thru Manfred J. Seitz. It has taken Aluplast a simple 30 years to convert into a worldwide company, while also shielding its roots as a family-run trade.


Casement Windows:

IDEAL 2000

60 mm building depth

It has Noise insulation - for extra silence.
It is with special coating guarantee outstanding sound insulation for a noiseless home.

IDEAL 4000

70 mm building depth

Through millions of units by now installed, this system impresses with unbelievable, tried-and-tested permanence and a wide series of designs. These uPVC window profile systems safeguard an enjoyable indoor climate with the finest thermal insulation properties always.


Expressions for the new building sector

Passive house: These houses are buildings that are not prepared with any traditional heating systems. To produce warmth, passive houses often make use of energy from the sun's rays, for instance by fitting large uPVC windows in addition to southern facade. They tend not to possess any windows on the north-facing side or, in case they do, the windows tend to be extremely small as very few solar gains are accessible. A series of specifications connecting to window design apply to passive houses. For illustration, KfW requires a supreme Uw-value of 0.8 W/m²K to be qualified for funding even though the privately-run Passive House Establishment by Dr. Feist defines extra requirements for individual constituents, which often raise the price of these components. The ift (the German Institute for Window Technology) has too published a fresh policy for passive-house windows, which is actually more or less the average of the two standards designated above. For window fabricators, it is imperative to note which variant is compulsory, as the requirements in the tender information ought to be fulfilled regardless of other substitutes.

Zero-energy houses: In difference to passive houses, these houses go one better while it comes to their energy footprint. This denotes they usually consume the amount of energy that has been formed.

Plus-energy houses: Prefabricated house companies are already providing plus-energy houses. This term denotes to houses that generate extra energy than they desire for normal use so that any additional can be fed back into the mains network, for instance. These houses are insulated in line with passive house standard but comprise additional expertise (photovoltaic plants, etc.).

Expressions for the renovation projects

Passive house: Comparatively speaking, not various old buildings are renewed to passive house standard at the instant, though the German government are anticipating that this will turn out to be standard over the medium to enduring. In the window industry, the brand is the only system provider to provide a narrow construction depth of just 70 mm, which is specialized as stated by the ift (German Institute for Window Expertise) passive house standard.

Entry Door:

85 mm front door

85 mm construction depth

Through the novel aluplast front uPVC door system, you can actually breathe easy by uniting safety with design, noise shield, and weather resistance in addition to break-in protection.

70 mm front door

70 mm construction depth

By merging a thermally isolated threshold through a special type of steel, the brand has managed to achieve exceptional heat insulation and robust structural values.
These uPVC front door systems offer top-class excellence through a long service life plus outstanding defence against unwelcome visitors.

Sliding Door:



Good news for you as well as your customers: the new uPVC smart-slide door contains top values for heat insulation, statics as well as sealing, and is remarkably easy to operate and what’s added, it can be contrived in just a short construction period.

Lift-and-slide door 85 mm

Skill that stands out

It doesn't get any improved: the 85 mm lift-and-slide door from the brand impresses through its high energy efficiency as well as user-friendliness: even at its supreme size of 6.50 m x 2.80 m, the door can be opened as well as closed without effort and guarantees a smooth and barrier-free changeover to the outside. It has been verified under risky conditions: whether it is heavy rain, storms or else any other extreme weather conditions: the lift-and-slide uPVC door retains everything out.


Glass surfaces play an imperative role in the structure of houses today. Large sliding doors expose the living room to the garden as well as large windows bring light into your house.

This sliding door vario-slide is an assurance for rooms flooded by light. The system was planned to be particularly appropriate for the Mediterranean, tropical countries as well as to meet country-specific necessities.

It offers a particularly high grade of freedom! Similar to a modular system, you can select from different components as well as manufacture an individual sliding door - as stated by the ideas and wishes of your clients.

The sophisticated connection between inside and outside

These uPVC sliding door systems guarantee rooms that are actually flooded with light. They were developed particularly for Mediterranean markets as well as southern countries and hence meet the demands characteristic of these markets.

The systems are accessible with numerous construction depths and are well-matched with its range of accessories, signifying that there is almost no limit to the variety of connections obtainable. These systems are obtainable as both windows as well as balcony doors.

Folding shutter systems

Its existing folding shutter systems excite with their stylish technical solutions: The Corporation has now expanded the contemporary system to embrace a plank shutter system, allowing it to create extra-wide shutters.

The whole system is based on a 48 mm building depth. This means that it can be merged with standard hardware existing on the market. It also empowers extra-large reinforcement chambers in addition to welded corner brackets to be employed for improved stability.

Excellence guaranteed!

It has long been known as an important innovator in the window industry. And exactly so, as its double TOP100 award shows!


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