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PVC, uPVC and Aluminium Windows: A Comparison Guide

There are many material options for the windows of your house. The most prominent of them includes PVC, uPVC along with aluminium. 

This article will elucidate on comparison of different aspect of all these alternatives for your better understanding. This guide will help you to choose the best one as per your needs.

PVC and uPVC Windows:

The solitary difference between PVC and uPVC is in fact that PVC is prepared with BPA as well as phthalates. These two are the form of plasticizers that create the material additionally flexible. The u in uPVC actually stands for unplasticized since it doesn't have any second materials. Hence, uPVC is stronger and is acknowledged as a rigid plastic.

PVC Windows

PVC is not applied for window frames, even though certain manufacturers may employ “PVC” to mention to their uPVC windows. As a substitute, uPVC is employed for window frames, since it does not decay and is really weather-resistant.

uPVC will not transform shape under usual weather conditions, but nonetheless, it can be reformed at very high temperatures. These windows are more energy-efficient as compared to those with wooden or metal frames. Likewise, uPVC can also be employed for door frames as well as conservatories.

  • Durability of PVC Windows

Since it is designed to be softer as well as more flexible as compared to numerous other plastics, PVC is less tough as compared to uPVC. Nevertheless, both plastics are unaffected by sunlight, oxidation, in addition to a variety of chemicals.

The dissimilarity between UPVC windows and aluminum Windows:

Advantages of UPVC Windows:

uPVC windows are a actually great choice if you’re eyeing for new double or else triple glazing to aid insulate your home:

  • uPVC windows are very simple to maintain as well as clean – they can be finished like new with merely the wipe of a moist cloth.

  • It is a naturally warm material as well as the multi-chambered frames of uPVC are inordinate for insulation, serving you retain your bills down for the duration of the winter. Windows prepared with uPVC are normally better thermal insulators as compared to aluminium.

  • It is a lightweight material, which sorts it double or triples glazed windows fast and tranquil to install.

  • The material can last up to two decades in great condition, which means that your investment will be one that persists. They will also not drop their shade or fade even slightly all through their lifespan.

Advantages of Aluminium Windows:

  • Aluminium has a tendency to be stronger as compared to uPVC. This means that aluminium windows can have a sleeker profile and a larger glass surface area due to the strength of the frames.

  • For this objective, they’re very common in commercial as well as public buildings, similar to schools, offices, plus government buildings. This can be a decent benefit for a residential home, also if you’re considering a predominantly large design.

  • Powder-coated aluminium is tremendously durable, which denotes that whatever finish you select will end for a very long time. These windows can last up to two decades.

  • These windows are likewise environmentally friendly. The material is forever recyclable – as soon as you recycle it, it generates very high-value new aluminum, and the course only utilizes 5% of the energy desired to create the preliminary metal.

  • The metal has greater design flexibility as compared to uPVC – the variety of colours existing (together with dual colours) is remarkable.

Aluminium vs. PVC windows a vital comparison

You want solid knowledge to pick the top windows for your project. Nevertheless it will take you valuable time to attain this understanding. That’s why, to save you time, the below mentioned FAQs shall definitely assist you:


What is the price difference between aluminium and PVC windows? 

The key factor that will impact whether your consumer decides to accept PVC or else aluminium windows is the cost. And this varies considerably as well as, depending on the profiles being associated; the difference lies between 70% as well as 200%. Aluminium windows are nearly always more costly than PVC.

The difference is noteworthy. If you construct standard terraced houses for sale, PVC windows will definitely be a better option. In contrast, if you cultivate a building to an extremely high standard, it is valuable using aluminium windows. Encompassed in the price of the windows is the cost of servicing, the occurrence of which depends on the stability of the window. 

Which windows are more long-lasting?

The permanence of windows is meticulously associated with the price. Why? A shorter window lifespan denotes more repairs and successive installations. The lifecycle of PVC is projected to be nearby 15-20 years, despite the fact that uPVC windows preserve their properties for up to 50 years because of their greater resistance to corrosion as well as sunlight.

What are the dissimilarities in the heat loss parameter?

We could spend plenty of time comparing inappropriate differences between thermal parameters. However the question is, does it style business sense to think through small differences? In truth, two factors govern the selection of a window with a precise thermal performance: building law as well as the kind of building.

As a universal rule, PVC windows defend better against heat loss – they possess a minor Uw parameter. The difference vanishes when the window area grows for the reason that the thermal performance is largely determined by the glass. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it is in fact all about meeting the nation’s requirements at an eye-catching price.


The crux of the entire discussion is that all materials are good for your window options. Nevertheless, the prime factor is your actual necessity which will actually be the deciding parameter.

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