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Are uPVC windows are waterproof?

Because uPVC windows are made with the utmost accuracy to keep out water during rain, storms, and even cyclones, their quality is put to the test frequently in maritime applications.

Because they don't absorb moisture, they are significantly more waterproof than other kinds of windows.

Double-glazed windows and doors won't decay or leak, which is a typical complaint among owners of aluminium sliding windows. This is also a benefit over wooden windows.

Our chosen profile system also provides long-lasting, premium gaskets that are resistant to bending or colour migration, allowing the windows to survive severe wind and precipitation conditions. Additionally, the system may accommodate a wide range of insulated panels and glazing choices, allowing for the customisation of thermal and acoustic performance standards to meet unique client requirements.

Our window and door systems' ability to withstand torrential rain and their tight joints are two of their key characteristics. According to 300PA testing, which is the standard by which Australian Standards are evaluated, they are intended to be waterproof. Actually, test findings indicate that the majority of our window types outperform the basic requirements.


Other features of uPVC windows

Stylish Modern Design Windows

With a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial design, our team provides each customer with a special blend of value, individual attention, and customised services. Our expertise in effectively balancing the needs of our customers with their values to produce a winning design solution for difficult projects, including sound studios, retail spaces, medical and dental facilities, and of course, opulent residences. In order to create a consistent strategy that satisfies client requirements and takes specifiers' recommendations into account, we collaborate creatively with your architect, builder, and interior designer. 

Energy Efficiency Windows

Investing heavily in new windows and doors may be costly. Our Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors have the benefit of being an investment that adds value and may pay for itself in a matter of years by serving as an insulator and lowering your monthly heating and cooling expenses. The cost of heat loss from a poorly insulated window is far more than the cost of purchase during its lifetime, especially in light of the growing cost of electricity. Additionally, adding stylish, high-performance windows to your home's exterior can raise its market value. 

Noise Insulation Windows

Although many studies have shown that prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can harm your hearing as well as raise blood pressure, stress levels, and stomach issues in addition to headaches, migraines, anxiety, and depression, noise pollution is still frequently disregarded as a health risk. With a 45dB potential noise reduction, Upvc double-glazed windows may eliminate unwanted noise and offer many additional benefits. They are a better option for uninterrupted, well-earned sleep than sleeping medications. Discuss your demands for acoustic insulation with our knowledgeable team, and they will suggest the best type of window and glazing to satisfy your needs and get the best value for your money. 

Low Maintenance

Upvc is the greatest material for frames since it naturally resists corrosion, fire, water, and sunlight. In addition to their most common use in coastal areas, where the salt erodes the aesthetics and functionality of aluminium windows and requires special chemical or paint treatment for wooden windows, upvc frames are also utilised in commercial and industrial settings, high-pollution areas, and high-impact wind zones. Ultraviolet components are also a part of the upvc composition; they resist damage and reflect sunlight. 

Value for money windows

Double-glazed windows and doors provide a timeless beauty that will enhance the look and market value of your house, as well as long-lasting value via sustainable energy savings and ease of usage. Sturdy and substantial window and door frames will showcase the high-quality finishes and strengthen the unassailability of your home, whereas thin or skinny window and door frames might give the impression that even a well-built home was constructed cheaply. Our double-glazed windows and doors are highly affordable, and even though they cost more than typical aluminium sliding windows, they will benefit you in the long run by saving you money on energy, requiring less maintenance, improving comfort, and increasing the value of your house when it comes time to sell. 

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