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Amber Gold TMT: Quality TMT Saria


The Journey of Amber Gold began with production of outstanding quality products in the year 2005.

Steel has continuously played as the utmost strength for expansion of industry all over the world. As far as construction industry is concerned, good quality steel is at all times in high demand everywhere. In order to produce first-rate quality construction steel and delivers its most unconquerable strength to Indian construction industry primarily recognized as B.A. Alloys Pvt. Ltd. 

Amber Gold TMT Saria Price

Size Price Date
16mm Amber Gold TMT Saria Rs.59,550 MT to Rs.67,550 MT As on 2021

The refined plant compromises of three induction furnace of DTSI expertise of Electro thermal thru DRI plant so that sponge iron can unswervingly be melted. The process is sustained by C.C.M Machine that openly roll the hot melted material in to faultless quality Billet censored by outstanding computerized sensors. The billet unswervingly goes to the rolling mill with volume of 150,000 M.T. that makes seamless quality TMT Bars.

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Product Variety:





With its extreme feature of Strength, Elongation Super Stress-free great level of flexibility under severe conditions, Fire resistance, Corrosion resistance as well as ease-of-being welded, the Amber Gold TMT bars has turned out to be as the most favourite reinforcement bar in India construction industry. Other than Amber Gold TMT reinforcement bars, it is also producing other construction steel products that play an essential role in construction industry. At this moment, Amber Gold is the best TMT bars manufacturers in India.

Production Course

As regards the production course of Amber Gold TMT Reinforcement Bar, it is virtuously and seamlessly scientific, implemented through the ultramodern expertise under the supervision of exceedingly qualified engineers and technicians. Greatest quality raw material is acquired from the most perfect locations. Then it is reclaimed as well as blended through highly refined machines.

All the phase of manufacturing process similar to Continuous Casting, Quenching, Self-Tempering are executed completely carefully and systematically technologically. That is the motive; the final product Amber Gold TMT Reinforcement Bars hold the brilliant characteristics to offer highest level of strength to constructions as well as also top level muscle to fight any unpleasant extreme condition.

16mm Rod Weight

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Lot of Material Required to build Super structure. Comaron Gurgaon provides you all the product related to Super structure for any construction.

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