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American Standard: The Most Prestigious Brand

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American Standard Brand is a North American producer of plumbing fixtures, traded under the American Standard, Fiat, Crane, Sanymetal along with Showerite names, based in New Jersey, Piscataway,United States.

Is American Standard decent quality?

American Standard faucets are not American faucets. They are actually American-designed faucets, nevertheless they are made mainly in Mexico from Asian-made parts as well as components. The faucets are well designed plus of fair to worthy quality supported by a lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service.

Is American Standard a first-class toilet brand?

The American Standard toilet is not solitary one of the finest toilets you can get, it's also the brand which plumbers commend most. Their toilets are water-conserving while providing great flushing power. Many of these toilets are too ADA compliant and make going Number 2 really feel like sitting on a very comfy throne.

Is American Standard the similar as Trane?

Same Company Diverse Brand Names

While American Standard as well as Trane Systems trade as diverse brands, the 2 are in fact the similar company. Trane, on the other hand, is one of the maximum familiar brands in the HVAC industry. Back in 1984, American Standards subscribed the Trane Heating as well as Air Conditioning Company.

Is American Standard cheaper as compared to Trane?

American Standard is Cheaper as compared to Trane – Fact or Fallacy? Just take it from a contractor who's exchanged between being a Trane Dealer plus an American Standard Dealer over the years: The apparatus cost is almost the same between the two brand names. In detail, they are inside a few dollars of each other model by model.

Are American Standard tubs prepared in the USA?

American Standard's Americast plant retains manufacturing robust in eastern Ohio. The plant has continued to yield Americast bathtubs for approximately three decades, in addition to porcelain enamel on steel bathtubs, as well as acrylic tubs and whirlpools.

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