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Anugraha Cement: Leading Cement Brand in South India


Anugraha Cement: A Symbol of Ultimate Strength

Anugraha Cement does not need any introduction in the construction industry, these days. Its strength, early setting time, and binding capacity make it one of the finest brands of the contemporary era.

It introduces itself as one of the prominent cement brands in South India. For trusted as well as solid foundations and concrete that shapes your future, you can use its well-known quality cement, which we dispense, since all the cement it distributes is of superior value and meets the top grades.

It deals with Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), which is all promoted by Anugraha Cement. It has invested in strengthening its product lines and familiarising itself with key quality measures as well as services in order to inaugurate and maintain its brand of branded cement as it is offered in the market.

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Why Anugraha Cement:

With its hard work and round-the-clock service, it earned a reputed trademark label with thousands of sub dealers. People can touch the sky by having a long-term deal with it, as incessant progress leads to attaining the objective. With more than 15 years of experience in this area, it is able to deliver the cement products at an accurate time with its own logistic service.

Its vast experience led it to extend its business activities into commercialising the most striking range of cements, solely designed to satisfy your demands for PPC. The Cement is setting the pace for the future by offering a wide variety of luxury products that suit your necessities and your budget at the best conceivable prices. Its business philosophy embraces comprehensive and tailored customer service, on-time delivery, and reasonable pricing, which enables it to manage all your requirements in style.


Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

It makes concrete more waterproof, denser as matched to OPC. The long-term strength of PPC is greater compared to OPC. PPC yields less heat of hydration and offers superior resistance to the attack of forceful waters than usual OPC. PPC can be used for all kinds of construction.

Benefits of PPC:

Low heat of hydration

Resistance to alkali silica reaction

Decline in water demand

Decreased bleeding because of high fineness of cement

Resistance to sulphate attack as well as chloride attack

Pore refinement leading to enhanced density of concrete


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