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Arasu Cement: Good Cement with Ultimate Strength


ARASU Cement: Leading to Higher Development

Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Limited (TANCEM) is completely owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu undertaking. It commenced its business 1st April 1976 with a sanctioned share capital of Rs.18 Crores attaining cement plant at Alangulam and setting up a new plant at Ariyalur in the year 1979.


The key objective of the company is to yield cement and cement based products to mainly cater the requirements of the Government.


The plant was set up by TIDCO at Alangulam in Virudhunagar District through an annual production volume of 4 lakh tons by wet process technology. It is the initial Cement Plant in India began under the public sector and it inaugurated its production in 1970. When TANCEM was set up in 1976, it actually took over the Alangulam Cement Plant from TIDCO. This plant is in the southern part of Tamil Nadu as well as generally manufactures PPC under ARASU trademark. The plant is mostly supplying cement to Government departments. It has an extensive network of stockists for open market sale as well as is selling cement in the southern districts of both Tamil Nadu plus Kerala.

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Product Portfolio:


It is the upper fineness delivering cement with worthy ultimate strength. This progresses the workability and has decreased the water-cement ratio. It has augmented resistance to chloride, sulphate along with alkali attack. There is permanently a Long-term strength gain with it, which also diminishes the shrinkage as well as swelling. 567630


This brand has enhanced workability and decreased water-cement ratio. The quickest earlier strength development of the cement delivers permeability as well as denser concrete. It has low chloride content which stops corrosion and enhances the bondage of concrete to steel.


It is the ultra-fineness offering cement with high quick strength. It delivers enhanced workability, permanence and improved compressive strength. It has low heat of hydration. It also has decreased shrinkage and swelling with augmented resistance to chloride, sulphate along with alkali attack.


It is the high fineness delivering cement for quick strength development at all phases. This enhances the workability and decreases the water cement ratio. It has low chloride content which avoids corrosion and enhances the bondage of concrete to steel. The cement is additionally resistant to heat.


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