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Asian Granito India Ltd: Manufacturing Best Quality Tiles


Asian Tile: Better than Expectation

Set up in the year 2000, the AGL has developed as one of the principal ceramic corporations of India in a short span of 23 years. Its management is marked by numerous successful challenges its never-ending pursuit of excellence. Nowadays it has arisen as one of India’s main groups, thru a global footprint across more than 100 nations. Its capacity has fully-fledged 40 fold in a duration of just 23 years; it is India’s quickest growing Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Engineered Marble, Quartz in addition to Bath ware Company.

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AGL’s all-India existence is the effect of a team of highly competent professionals and links who gratify to every nook and corner of India as well as have made brand AGL what it is these days. They proactively research trends as well as study consumer insights to guarantee that their product hand-outs are the most up-to-date and modern in the external and internal world.



These are popular tiles that are developed by digital printing technology. The brand has a wide series of prints and designs to suit your exclusive requirements. It can create hundreds of artistically pleasing designs from the time when the digital prints are formed on the glaze layer.


The brand has plenty of options for floor tiles that are a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its collection includes diverse kinds of flooring, together with wood, marble, quartz, terrazzo, granite, double charged, ceramic, porcelain, etc., in a multiplicity of designs, finishes, sizes along with other features. 


These tiles are stronger, denser, less spongy, and even more stain and water-resistant than regular ceramic tiles, which makes them quite long-lasting. It has a large selection of porcelain tiles that you will appreciate, whether it's a white porcelain wood tile, porcelain tile or glister polished porcelain tile. 


The tiles utilized for the parking area must be tremendously durable and of outstanding quality. Since these tiles will be subjected to a multiplicity of loads and weather conditions, so take care that your outdoor parking tiles can endure these elements. The brand considers all these factors and delivers you the greatest products. 


These tiles play a substantial part in the actual design of any property, whether it is residential or else commercial. You ought to be careful when picking the size and type of tiles for each room since, besides aesthetics, strength and utility are all main factors when electing wall tiles. Check out its purposely selected collection of wall tiles. 


This Porcellanto Tuff Guard tile collection is one of its most remarkable collections. These floor tiles are great for a neat and streamlined presence. These tiles can be applied to enhance both homes as well as business spaces.


Tile is mostly a thin, flat or bent piece of parched clay, stone, or concrete used predominantly for roofs, floors, or walls as well as is also employed for aesthetic work. Sometimes tile is actually painted or glazed to provide it a finished appearance. Tile has been around for moderately some time. In fact, the earliest recognized tile was revealed in an Egyptian archaeological dig which dates back to around 4,700 BC.

At Asian Granito India Ltd., you can discover tile for every style, personality as well as space. And every now and then, it comes up with modern and unplanned designs of tile that matches the demand and trends of the market. The tile pool by AGL is accessible in a range of colours, style and textures. Through the long-lasting materials, stimulating patterns, matchless shapes and bright colours of tile designs, AGL has protected its position among the uppermost tile manufacturing companies in India.


Ceramic tile and porcelain tile are the most general type of tile used in the market. Nevertheless, there are many different kinds of tile available in the market, like- glass tiles, metal tiles, cement tiles and stone tiles—to label just a few. Here, it has been mentioned a few different categories of tile and their details so that you can catch out which tile is the greatest for your home remodel project:

  1. Ceramic Tile:

It is a type of tile made from clay and other natural materials, for example sand, quartz and water that has been enduringly hardened by heat and often has a beautiful glaze over it. And it might be the only flooring tile that really works in any room.

  1. Porcelain Tile:

The other best common type of tile is porcelain tile. It is more robust than ceramic tile and less disposed to wear and tear because of its density. This property of porcelain tile marks it more suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

  1. Cement Tile:

From the hard cement base to the higher layer of Portland cement, marble dust, as well as natural colours, cement tile is built completely of natural resources.

  1. Marble Tile:

It is renowned for its high quality, natural brilliance along with stone nature. This tile is very pretty to look at; it is spectacular, one-of-a-kind, and quite tough.

  1. Mosaic Tile:

It is made up of minute pieces of tile combined together on a sheet. The term mosaic categorically refers to a pattern made up of many tiny pieces of tile. The tile is tremendously versatile, and it has long been observed as a rich and creative approach to transporting beauty into residential as well as commercial buildings.

  1. Travertine Tile:

The tile prepared from this travertine stone is applied for flooring. It is now viewed as a tough material, beautiful as well as full of character for numerous residential uses, together with floors and walls, backsplashes, as well as shower stalls, to mention a few.

  1. Wood Tile:

It is just a porcelain tile that has the appearance of natural wooden planks. In detail, some items seem so authentic to the human eye that it's virtually hard to tell that what you're watching isn't a candid piece of wood.


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