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Floor Tiles Size, Types and Prices

Floor Tiles

Your home's floor serves as its foundation, so picking the appropriate tiles will guarantee that it stays sturdy. Floor tiles come in a range of materials, including vitrified, ceramic, porcelain, and more, and you may choose the type that best suits your needs.

Floor tiles come in a range of patterns and colors, including black, white, cream, ivory, blue, green, pink, and more. Patterns include wooden, marble, stone, geometric, floral, granite, mosaic, and abstract. You're likely to find a tile that complements your color scheme and overall design style thanks to the enormous range of patterns and hues available.

Comaron offers a variety of floor tile sizes, including 145x500mm, 800x1200mm, 395x395mm, 600x600mm, and 800x2400mm, to mention a few. Additionally, they come in a variety of finishes, including satin matte, glossy, glossy, super glossy, and carved, among others.

Popular floor tiles at Orientbell Tiles include GFT ODP Aster Wood FT Brown, PCG 3D Flower Statuario Super White, PGVT Endless Onyx Blue, and PGVT Endless Onyx Blue.

Floor Tiles Size 

Floor Tiles Size

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Floor tile price


Floor tile prices can vary based on the quality design and sizes. Usually, Floor tiles rates range between 35 sq ft to 450 sq ft.

Floor Tiles 2X2 Price List

For both residential and commercial contexts, the popular "2x2" tile size of 600x600mm is thought to be ideal. You should know that these tiles are the ideal size to fit in both big and small spaces before requesting the price list. It is not because they are "too big" or "too tiny." Because of their strength, the vitrified and eternal tiles are the ones that are most frequently utilised. They are constructed from vitrified, double-charged, and ceramic elements. The cost per square foot of these tiles ranges from 55 to 327 rupees. You will have many options for adding a touch of elegance to your area because these tiles come in a range of finishes, including matte, super glossy, glossy and satin matte.

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1. What Material is best for Floor Tiles?

As previously said, tiles can be created from a range of materials, including vitrified, porcelain, and ceramic, each of which has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Below is a synopsis of each type of material and its uses.

Ceramic Tiles

Because they are reasonably priced and long-lasting, ceramic tiles are very popular. However, because they are not the strongest on the market, they are typically used on walls and floors that see little to medium usage, including those in kitchens and bathrooms.

Porcelain Tiles

Compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are tougher and denser. These tiles are suitable for floors in areas with varying levels of foot traffic.

Vitrified Tiles

Some of the toughest floor tiles available are undoubtedly vitrified tiles. They come in a variety of forms, including whole body, glazed vitrified, and double charge. These tiles can be utilised in areas that see a lot of activity, like commercial places like malls, warehouses, and airports.

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