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Affordable and Stylish Flooring Tile Options Beyond Marble

Other than marble, what other reasonably priced and attractive flooring tile alternatives are there for homes?

For a home improvement job, installing new tiles is a wise investment if you're just seeking for one material. Making significant changes to the walls and floors may completely change the appearance of your home. Tiles have long been a common feature in interior design, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles are becoming a more popular choice among homeowners when designing their living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas due to changing trends and technology advancements. There are a plethora of designs, styles, forms, colours, patterns, and textures available for tiles for house flooring and walls.

Knowing the many kinds of tiles that are now on the market will help you select the one that will work best for you. This is a reference.

Different types of tiles Materials

Wooden Tiles

An increasingly popular material for home décor is wooden tiles. They are divided into two categories: imitation wood and hardwood tiles. Hardwood is a popular flooring choice because of its beautiful appearance. In floor design, faux wood tiles are the newest thing. For durability, they outperform materials made of hardwood. They are not just impervious to water, but also to termites.

Ceramic Tiles

One stylish type of tile is ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles not only have great durability but also stain and scratch resistance. As a result, they are favored when creating kitchens and baths. They are available in an abundance of hues, patterns, and styles. Ceramic tiles also have the benefit of being simple to install and maintain. They are among the greatest tiles for kitchen walls as a result.

Marble Tiles

Natural stone noted for its beauty, marble has been used for millennia. It comes in a range of hues and several finishes. Marble tiles are a great option for flooring and wall designs in interior design, despite its potential cost. The material requires more upkeep because it is prone to spills and stains. A sealer is frequently needed to provide the surface a layer of protection.

Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are a popular choice because of their opulent appearance. These are some of the tiles that are most often used in India. The material has a distinctive look due to the natural veining and speckling of the minerals. The material is strong and impervious to stains and acids. Like marble, they are stain-prone, though.

Porcelain Tiles

Because they share comparable components, porcelain tiles are frequently thought of as a kind of ceramic tile. The substance is heated to a higher temperature after being made from denser clay. Porcelain tiles are hence strong and impervious to damage or high heat. As a result, they are the most popular option for outdoor tile designs.

Mosaic Tiles

These tiles are made up of little glass or tile fragments that have been placed to create a beautiful design on a larger tile. Because they are simple to install, they work well in tiny areas. In India, these kinds of tiles are frequently utilised for flooring. They are also utilised for home exteriors, such as balconies since they are resistant to dampness.

Types of Wall tiles in India

The use of tiles is not just for flooring. Now that textured and designer tiles are readily available, they are also utilised to decorate the walls of living rooms and bedrooms. For walls, terracotta, Italian marble, and porcelain tile variations are utilised to create a refined look. Accent walls may be made with tiles for home walls to create fashionable interiors.

Make sure the wall tiles are moisture-resistant before using them to design your living room. To ensure that they don't leak and last for many years, they need also be placed correctly.

When choosing wall tiles for the kitchen, it's important to keep in mind that the material should be stain- and scratch-resistant. Because they have these characteristics, ceramic tiles are among the greatest options for kitchen walls.

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