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Fundamental Ways to Choose Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to flooring in the process of home development, it becomes a significant part of our decision and plan. It needs to achieve the basic goal of flooring before moving on to the next step.

  • It should be long lasting investment.

  • It need to be cost-effective

  • It should look attractive

These sounds like simple tasks to accomplish, but flooring should be more than just good look. You need to make sure about choosing an option that gives you the benefits and value you need.

New To Know More About Bathroom Tiles

How to choose bathroom tiles

The decision you hope to love the most when deciding to remodel or build a bathroom in your house is selecting the tiles. They likely will be the first thing you notice because they set the tone for the entire design and feel of the final room. Of course, given the vast selection of options, the joy of finally selecting your tiles could abruptly give way to indecision. Is it better to go in the light or the dark? Large or diminutive? shiny or matte? rough and natural or sleek and modern? It suffices to transform that excitement into stress and worry about making the right decisions.

Well, do not worry! We are presenting some suggestions for selecting bathroom tiles today.

Tiles help magnify the elegance of your bathroom. Further, they are also instrumental in making your bathroom waterproof. There are innumerable tile options available in terms of materials, sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns, along with finishing. Such bewildering collection will certainly puzzle you and make you indecisive in choosing the best one for your needs. The following pointers shall help you in working out to pick the most suitable one for you:

  • Determine the Quantity of Tiles

  • Define your Budget

  • Choose the Material

  • Select the Tile Size

  • Select the Colour Palette

  • Decision on style

  • Creative with Tile Layout

  • Consider the Feel Factor of the tiles

Decision on Style

Before you start looking for bathroom tiles, you must make decision on style of bathroom. Bathroom tiles are available in several of styles, colours and design options and you can make as wish to look your bathroom.

Hotel-style bathrooms, geometric , and ornamental one are some of the famous bathroom designs that people consider. Neutral colours are used in the minimalist designs of hotel restrooms. For tiles, black, white, and other pastel colours are typically ideal choices to create a hotel-style appearance. These bathrooms have a distinctive appearance, and the patterns add to their allure. Mostly, decorative tiles are used in bathrooms to give them a attractive appearance. These restrooms have a modern, unique and attractive appearance.

Determine the Quantity of Tiles

First of all, you are supposed to understand the total number of tiles that will be essential for your bathroom. Confirm that you estimate the quantity independently for the walls, the flooring, as well as the accent tiles if you plan to craft a feature with tiles.

Budget for the number of tiles you will want.

Define your Budget

It is essential to define the rough price range for the wall and floor tiles according to your budget. Even though accent tiles are more expensive than wall and floor tiles, the number of required accent tiles is very small in contrast to the total quantity of floor as well as wall tiles.

Have transparency on how much you wish to spend

Choose the Material

Bathroom tiles are offered in a wide variety of materials similar to ceramic, glass, porcelain, natural stone, and mosaic, in addition to cement tiles. Since the bathroom is liable to to getting slippery while wet, every time go for matte finish, textured or else anti-skid tiles since they offer decent grip. Glass tiles should never be applied to the floor, as they are slippery.

Ceramic and porcelain are the most common tiling options due to their durability and ease of maintenance.

Select the Tile Size

Select the most suitable tile size for the flooring as well as wall cladding of the bathroom that guarantees minimum amount of cutting as well as wastage. Pick smaller tiles for the floor since the number of grout lines increases and they offer added slip resistance to the floor.


Even though you can be experimental with walls, you ought to take smaller tiles for the flooring.

Select the Colour Palette

It is always worthwhile to have a colour scheme in mind before you purchase tiles so that you can choose them quicker. You can contrast or blend and match the floor as well as wall tiles and think through a coloured, textured, or otherwise patterned accent tile to attain the desired look. Pick a matching countertop in materials such as granite, marble, or quartz to finish the appearance.

For a compact bathroom, it is always worthwhile to go for lighter coloured tiles to give the room a more spacious look. Just consider putting gloss finish tiles on the walls since these tiles bounce off light as well as make the space look brighter.

Creative with Tile Layout

Of all, picking a straightforward tile need not be monotonous. By arranging rectangular or metro-style tiles in an intriguing pattern, you may create a variety of patterns that will give your design a unique touch. For many ideas, see our section on the various tile-laying techniques.

Consider the Feel Factor of the tiles

Keep in mind that if your shower floor is tiled, you'll need something that is secure enough to prevent slipping while also being comfortable for bare feet. It is typically a good idea to use small tiles or mosaic tiles in this area because the more grout lines will boost the slide resistance without bothering your soles. We have a sizable collection of tiles that are appropriate for installing wet room flooring if you're thinking about building a wet room.


In the process of building a home, the flooring we choose and the plans we make are very important. Before moving on to the following stage, the fundamental purpose of flooring must be accomplished. These seem like straightforward jobs, but flooring should be more than just attractive. Make sure the choice you select provides you with the advantages and value you require.


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