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Best Quality Cement in Delhi - NCR, India

Value of Cement in Construction

Cement is a binder, a material employed for construction which sets, hardens, and adheres to other substances to bind them jointly. It is hardly ever used on its own, although rather to bind sand as well as gravel (aggregate) jointly.

Cement in Construction:

Cement is a substance utilized for binding as well as hardening other materials. It can be mingled with a fine aggregate as well as water to create mortar, employed in masonry construction as a bedding plus adhesive to bind as well as fill the gaps between nearby blocks of brick, concrete or stone.


The physical properties of superior cement are based on:

  • Soundness
  • Fineness of cement.
  • Uniformity
  • Strenghth
  • Heat of hydration.
  • Loss of ignition.
  • Bulk density.
  • Setting period.

Importance of Cement in Concrete:

Cement is the grey powder which when blended with water acts as the glue which binds the hard concrete collectively. Cement, water, sand along with gravel are all mixed jointly to form the durable, strong, economical and flexible construction material which we all know as concrete.

Uses of Cement

  • It is employed in mortar for plastering, masonry work, pointing, and so on.
  • It is employed for making joints for drains and pipes.
  • It is employed for water firmness of structure.
  • It is employed in concrete for laying floors, roofs as well as constructing lintels, stairs, beams, pillars and so forth.

Function of Cement:

The central function of cement is to operate as hydraulic binder, which enhances the bond between portioned particles, so it can enable their utilization in different fields. The resulted material will have dissimilar physical as well as mechanical properties from the preliminary materials. 

Top 10 Best Cement in India for Construction:

Below are the following best cement in India now a days.

  1. Ultratech Cement
  2. ACC Cement
  3. Ambuja Cement
  4. Shree Cement
  5. Ramco Cement
  6. Roofon Cement
  7. Binani Cement
  8. Shree lakshmi
  9. JK Super Cement
  10. JK lakshmi Cement

Qualities of Good Cement

  • Offers strength to masonry.
  • Stiffens or hardens before time.
  • Possesses high-quality plasticity.
  • An outstanding building material.
  • Straightforwardly workable.
  • Fine moisture-resistant.

Characteristics of Cement:

Three kinds of strength of cement are evaluated – compressive, tensile as well as flexural. A mixture of factors affect the strength, like water-cement ratio, curing conditions, cement-fine aggregate ratio, size as well as shape of a specimen, the mode of molding and blending, loading conditions along with age.

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