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Bharatam FE 415, FE 500, FE 550 and FE 500 D TMT Grades

Bharatam TMT Saria Punjab Haryana Delhi Rajasthan

Bharatam TMT: Touching the Highest Horizon

Bharat Group is a famous steel manufacturing group in the secondary segment in North India through base at Mandi Gobindgarh (Punjab) containing a strong brand equity, reflective of credit-ability, and consistent high quality product image. It has carved an unmatched position in the Market through premium quality steel products. Its 4 decades over experience in manufacturing steel, the group owes its existence in the steel industry to the forethought of its forefather, chairman Late. Seth Gaja Nand Goyal ji, a visionary dedicated to quality, integrity, and honesty. The group is involved in manufacturing of billets, bars, ingots, structural steel and other associated products.

Trade Mark:



According to IS 1786/85 in grades FE415, FE 500 and FE 550 along with FE 500 D

Bharatam TMT Saria Price List: 

Bharatam TMT Saria 8 mm Price

Rs 65,084 /  MT

As on 15April 2022

Bharatam TMT Saria 12mm Price

Rs 62,544 /  MT


As on 15April 2022

Bharatam TMT Saria 16mm Price

Rs 63,724 /  MT


As on 15April 2022

Bharatam TMT Saria 25mm Price

Rs 63,724 /  MT


As on 15April 2022


The customers choose steel manufactured through Bhartam TMT above any substitute, for a variety of motives:

  1. Easy to Work With: Because of better ductility and bend-ability, the TMT Bars decrease construction as well as fabrication time.
  2. Safer Structures: By reason of higher strength shared with higher ductility, the bars construct safer structures.
  3. Inexpensive: A high tensile strength along with better elongation value facilitates saving on charges.
  4. Corrosion Resistant: Measured water-cooling all through the THERMEX TMT process stops the formation of rough carbides – the main reason for the corrosive nature of general bars. Another reason for improved corrosion resistance is the nonattendance of surface stresses triggered by the cold twisting course.
  5. Bonding Strength: Outside ribs running across the whole length of the bars provide bigger bonding strength between the bar as well as the concrete.
  6. Malleable: The Bars are most preferred on account of their flexible nature.
  7. Fine Welding Features: As a result of low carbon content, the bars can be used for butt along with other weld joints without decline in strength at the weld joints.
  8. Form-ability: Thanks to very high elongation values and consistent properties these bars have excellent workability as well as bend-ability.
  9. Earthquake Resistant: Its soft ferrite-pearlite core allows the bar to bear dynamic and seismic loading.
  10. Fire Resistant: The bars have high thermal stability and can survive temperatures of 400-6000 degrees C.
  11. Versatility: They find wide application in diverse spheres, together with General purpose concrete re-enforcement buildings, Bridges, Flyovers, as well as Dams, Industrial structures, High rise buildings, Concrete roads as well as Underground structures.

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