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Bhumija TMT: Developing Intelligent Steel for a Better World!

Bhumija TMT: Building a Stronger, Sustainable Future with High-Quality Steel

In today's world of constant advancements and a growing focus on sustainability, one material reigns supreme: steel. It forms the backbone of modern infrastructure, from towering skyscrapers to bustling bridges. Recognizing this vital role, Bhumija TMT has emerged as a prominent player in the Indian steel industry, committed to providing exceptional products and contributing to a robust future.

Envisioning a Steel-Powered Future:

Founded in 2019, Bhumija TMT's vision is clear: to be a key participant in building a smart world with steel as its foundation. They believe in the circular economy potential of steel, its exceptional recyclability and reusability making it a sustainable choice for generations to come. With this vision at their core, Bhumija TMT strives to become a leading steelmaker, offering world-class capabilities and emerging as a top contender in this competitive field.

Strengthening the Root of Development:

The construction industry forms the bedrock of any nation's economic progress. Bhumija TMT understands this crucial role and dedicates itself to supplying high-quality TMT rebars that strengthen the very foundation of various projects. Their products cater not only to construction but also find applications in diverse industrial sectors. With their recent foray into the retail market, Bhumija TMT makes its high-performance steel readily accessible to everyone.

Bhumija TMT Bars: Strength That Shines:

Bhumija's TMT bars are not just strong; they're engineered for superior performance. Their robust nature is complemented by remarkable features like:

  • Enhanced Elongation, Ductility, and Welding Ability: These bars can bend and flex without compromising their integrity, making them ideal for construction projects requiring intricate shaping and welding.
  • Easy Maintenance and Lightweight Design: Despite their impressive strength, Bhumija TMT bars are surprisingly lightweight, simplifying transportation and minimizing maintenance needs.
  • Grade Flexibility: Ranging from 8mm to 32mm in size and available in grades 415, 500, and 550, these bars cater to diverse project requirements.

Bhumija Billets: Versatility Meets Resilience:

Bhumija TMT's steel billets are more than just raw materials; they're the embodiment of adaptability and strength. Their malleability and ductility make them perfect for shaping and molding across various applications, especially where robustness is paramount. Some key advantages of their billets include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Bhumija billets offer an economical solution for numerous industrial needs, making them a preferred choice for manufacturers.
  • Reduced Lead Times: Their efficient production process ensures shorter lead times, minimizing delays and streamlining project timelines.
  • High Precision and Density: Bhumija billets are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in highly precise dimensions and robust structural integrity.

Building a Secure Future, One Bar at a Time:

Bhumija TMT's commitment to quality extends beyond its products. They understand the importance of transparency and offer a clear price list for their TMT bars, empowering customers to make informed decisions. With prices ranging from Rs. 406 for 8mm bars to Rs. 6348 for 32mm bars, Bhumija offers accessible solutions for projects of all sizes.

Bhumija TMT bar price list


Price per Piece

8mm Bhumija tmt prce

Rs. 406

10mm Bhumija tmt prce

Rs. 621

12mm Bhumija tmt prce

Rs. 878

16mm Bhumija tmt prce

Rs. 1562

20mm Bhumija tmt prce

Rs. 2440

25mm Bhumija tmt prce

Rs. 3802

32mm Bhumija tmt prce

Rs. 6348

This price list is based on the information available on the official website of the Bhumija TMT on December 2023.

Bhumija TMT isn't just a steelmaker; it's a builder of a better future. By prioritizing sustainability, innovation, and exceptional quality, they are shaping a world where steel is not just a material but a symbol of strength, resilience, and a brighter tomorrow. Their dedication to excellence makes them a trusted partner in any endeavor, ensuring a foundation built to last.

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