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Binani Cement: Flagship of Braj Binani Group

Binani Cement Price

Binani :Cement Height of Class

Binani Cement is a renowned brand of cement in the construction industry. It gives immense strength to the structures where it is used. Its fineness and early-setting virtues distinguish it from its other counterparts.

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Benefits of Binani Cement:

As the most extensively utilised material on earth after water, cement is essential in shaping our world. That's because of its innate benefits of strength, robustness, flexibility, security and affordability to generate vital infrastructure – roads as well as railways, homes, offices and the cities where we live in.


  1. Characteristics of Binani Cement:

  2. Trustworthiness of the cement

  3. Uniformity of cement

  4. Refinement of the cement

  5. Strength of the cement

  6. Hydration and heat of the cement

  7. Setting phase of the cement

Which cement is the best?

OPC is the top bet for house construction in India. In general, OPC 53 Grade cement is appropriate for all RCC structures such as footings, columns, and beams, as well as slabs, where initial and final strength is a major organizational requirement.

Central Values

The Braj Binani Group places a high value on its key principles of integrity, accountability, and effectiveness. It also works tirelessly to satisfy customers by offering items of the best caliber and with consistent delivery. These fundamental principles form the basis of the Braj Binani Group's corporate philosophy and serve as a lighthouse for daily business activities.


The Group has manufacturing facilities set up all over India, and with Mr. Braj Binani's vision to expand the brand internationally, the Group opened its first cement manufacturing operations in Dubai and China, opening up new markets for its cement goods in Africa, Southern Europe, and Asia. With the important acquisition of 3B Glass Fibre Business, a top-tier European company that is a leader in the manufacture of fibre glass products and technologies, and Composite Products (CPI Binani), a prestigious American company that manufactures thermoplastics inline

composites, additional global footprints were solidly established outside of India. As a result, Braj Binani Group became one of the world's biggest essential players in the glass fiber industry.

What is the superiority of cement?

You can classify good cement by:


Colour: A grey colour with a minor green shadow.

Lumps: In cement, lumps are formed as a result of the absorption of humidity. Good cement has no lumps.

Temperature: If you put your hand inside a good cement bag, you should feel a certain amount of coldness.

Which type of cement is regarded as the best or strongest?

PPC cement is usually used for plastering, brick masonry, and waterproofing works. PPC has a lower heat of hydration and is prone to fewer cracks than OPC. PPC has lower strength as compared to OPC, but PPC provides healthier workability and finishing as compared to OPC. PPC provides greater resistance to chemicals.

Why is cement vital in construction?

Cements are in fact dry powders and ought not to be confused with concrete or mortar; nevertheless, they are an important component of both of these materials, in which they function as the "glue" that provides strength to constructions.

Why is cement very important in structure?

Cement is the glue that holds construction projects together. It offers strength and stability to materials to guarantee they stay standing for years to come.

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The building industry

In order to act as the firm's holding company, Binani Industries Limited (BIL) was established. The group, now known as the "Braj Binani Group," underwent restructuring between 1996 and 2004. Cement, glass fibre, and infrastructure construction are three new important commercial sectors in addition to zinc.

The company's key values, including sincerity, transparency, quality, and efficiency as well as ongoing attempts to satisfy customers, remained unaltered during its adventurous growth journey.

Braj Binani established a solid foothold in three of the seven continents of the world: Asia, Europe, and North America, with all of the company's products having an international focus. Seth Pragdas Binani's metal trading house was transformed into one of India's top-notch business conglomerates thanks to Braj Binani's drive for success and the need for constant improvement.


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The fact that for many people, the cost of cement is an important consideration. In light of issues like the price of binani cement, it follows that someone in the construction sector will undoubtedly be impacted. In general, high-quality particles and dissolve more slowly as required by all applications.


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