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Birla Wall Putty: Guarantees Smoothness and Shine


Birla White WallCare Putty is recognized as to be India's Asli Aur Sabse Safed Putty. It is a fact a white cement-based, water-resistant, white wall putty which ensures a solid binding by building surfaces, a smooth finish, wide-ranging coverage, greater refractive index, along with paint-friendliness.

What is the real purpose of wall putty?

Putty is basically a Cementous substance; whose main function is to level the surface and create a flattened one for additional coats of paint. Putty also assists in filling minor cracks and pores, eliminating any kind of ripple on the wall.

What is the charge of Birla wall putty?


Min Price

Max Price

Building Coating

Rs 530 per Bag

Rs 950 per Bag

Wall Coating

Rs 500 per Bag

Rs 1000 per Bag


Is Birla putty waterproof?

Birla White has already launched Wallseal Waterproof Putty. It is a white cement-based putty exhibiting 2 times water resistance. This innovative product underwent numerous quality and blind tests plus has been certified as the 'Best Waterproof Putty' from Karvy in its research findings.

Is Birla Hil putty worthy?

Birla HIL Putty guards and smoothens walls, and is effective on all forms of cementitious surfaces. Clean white in colour, its strong adhesive properties confirm a powerful tie between the base and the paint, creating it perfect sub-surface for all interior as well as exterior walls.

Is Birla wall putty useful?

Birla White Wall Care putty is indisputably the Whitest putty in the present market. Even its coverage along with fineness is very decent resulting in less consumption of paint and hence inexpensive.

Is primer essential after putty?

Yes, In case of acrylic wall putty it is being employed then a primer coat is suggested before and after use of the putty. In case of cement-based putties or else Polymer putty a coat of primer 

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