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BMM Steel: Quality TMT Steel Bars


BMM Steel: Making the Structures Permanent

When you talk about the class of TMT bars, then BMM steel TMT bars are certainly discussed. High thermal resistance and earthquake resistance are their indomitable features, which make them stand tall in the throng of all TMT brands.

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BMM TMT Steel is one of the reliable producers of Fe-500 TMT Steel in India with a wide network of 150 Distributors and 3000 Dealers.

BMM TMT Steel Bar Price List

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.56,557 MT to Rs.63,554 MT 2021

There are plenty of advantages of these bars and a few of them are given below:


TMT bars have a sole composition that makes them greatly resistant to earthquakes. With a stiff, outside Martensite surface along with a softer Ferrite-pearlite core, the bar is very much ductile and accomplished of absorbing seismic shocks


The integration of Nickel, Chromium and Copper, the bar fights corrosion. The product is a Fe 550 TMT rebar that is permanent, durable and trustworthy for weight-carrying structures.


TMT bars don’t drop their structural strength even in the aspect of extreme heat up to 600 Celsius. This is conceivable through the specific quenching, cooling and trimming processes that the TMT bars are exposed to, during the manufacturing course.


These bars have enhanced ductile properties that consent for higher bending.


The unique and state-of-the-art ribs provide the bars with superb bonding capacity with concrete


It has great tensile strength, ductability and shows more bonding with concrete. You will therefore need less steel bars to reach to the anticipated strength throughout construction. This effects in major saving in costs. 

Product Portfolio:

R D TMT Steel ISI Fe 500 Grade

Super Shakti - Extra Grip

These TMT Steel Bars Fe 500 Grade ISI is Completed from 100 % Billets using Tempcore Knowhow CRM Belgium International Quality Certification. They have Superior CNC Cut Ribs For Upper Bonding.


  1. High Bonding Strength

  2. Tremendous Weld gift

  3. More Physical Strength

  4. High Dimension Tolerance

  5. Earthquake Resistance

  6. Fire Resistance

  7. High Bendability

  8. Corrosion  Resistance

President TMT ISI Fe 550 Grade

These bars are manufactured with up-to-date X Star Ribs which generates first-rate bonding with cement, Low Sulphur and Phosphorus filths which makes steel corrosion resistance, exceptional physical and mechanical properties creating the building lasts generations ahead.   

It is one of the leading Iron and Steel manufacturers in South India; yields class TMT Steel that has the greatest strength with better mildness, improved corrosion resistance, healthier bond strength with cement.

President TMT Fe-550 TMT Steel is formed using the most progressive technology, exclusive X Star ribbed pattern provide supplementary ribbed area for concrete mixture to tie with the steel rod, giving further strength to the building.

These bars are produced, keeping in mind, energy as well as environmental conservation, which is a thoroughly different approach to fabricating construction steel.


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