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Construction and Building Materials Catalogue in India


List of Building Material in India

  1. Cement 
  2. Bitumen
  3. Steel. Structural Steel and Reinforcement Steel
  4. Concrete
  5. Ready-Mix Concrete
  6. River Sand or else Natural Sand as a Construction Materials
  7. Binding Wires
  8. Fly Slag

What are the names of building materials?

  • Bricks, brick in addition to brickwork, glass brick, terra cotta.
  • Cinder block or else concrete block.
  • Noxer block.
  • Artificial stone.
  • Stone dry stacked or else mortar set.
  • Urbanite – broken-up concrete.


How many forms of building materials are there?

Forms of Construction Materials. Buildings can be characterized into five dissimilar types of construction: fire-resistive, ordinary, heavy timber, wood-framed in addition to non-combustible. Based on the construction kinds, various materials are employed in the construction of buildings.


What are the materials essential for construction of building?

Paint and tiles are also employed in all the homes.

  • Cement bags. Cement bags are compulsory for making concrete for the RCC structure, mortar between the bricks in addition to plastering the walls.
  • TMT Steel Bar/Rod
  • Aggregates
  • Bricks
  • Sand
  • Paint
  • Flooring tiles.


What is the strongest building material?

The Gift of Steel. Pound for pound, steel is the toughest construction material accessible (unless you count exotic materials similar to titanium). It is so much stronger as compared to wood that the two cannot be justly compared.


What are contemporary building materials?

Contemporary materials include bricks, steel, aluminum, concrete in addition to other similar stuff. A lot of the materials in contemporary buildings are concerned with the appearance along with the functionality of them. Old-style materials were more about the practice than feel.


What is the most inexpensive building material?

These sensibly priced materials look good and are relaxed on your wallet.

  1. Construct for Less.
  2. Concrete Sheets.
  3. Reclaimed Wood.
  4. Utilized Brick.
  5. Wavy Metal.
  6. Shipping Containers.
  7. Bamboo.
  8. Stone Veneer.


What are the 4 chief materials?

Materials are usually split into four chief groups: metals, polymers, ceramics, in addition to composites.

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