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Buy Super Shakti TMT: Trustworthy Brand Value in India

Super Shakti TMT dealer in West Bengal Jharkhand Odisa

Super Smelters Limited owns a state of art incorporated steel plant at Jamuria Industrial Estate, West Bengal, India manufacturing TMT Bar, Pallets, Sponge Iron, Billets, Ferro Alloys, Slabs, HR coils, ERW Pipes, Angle, Channels in addition to allied products under the trademark name of “Super Shakti”.

Super Shakti TMT steel Saria Rate list:

Super Shakti TMT steel Saria price  12mm

Rs 57,572 /  MT

Super Shakti TMT steel Saria Price  8mm

Rs 59,840 /  MT

Super Shakti TMT steel Saria Rate 16mm

Rs 57,320 /  MT

Super Shakti TMT steel Saria Rate 10mm

Rs 57,855 /  MT

Super Shakti TMT steel Saria Rate 20mm

Rs 58,180 /  MT

Super Shakti TMT steel Saria Rate 25mm

Rs 58,180 /  MT


The design of diagonal advanced “Y“TMT ribbed bar is the evidence of its superiority and are unique through turbo quench technology.

Brand Value:

Over the year, the TRUST given by its esteemed customer, just be it from project management, Govt Dept or else Private builders, have exhilarated team Super Smelters to enlarge its capacity and add product diversity to use the varied need of the consumer for steel products “Super Shakti” marque under one roof.


TMT Segment:


TMT bars are steel bars which are manufactured with an exclusive metallurgical process acknowledged as “Thermo Mechanical Treatment”. These bars are the backbone of every civil structure deep-rooted into the foundation. They endure the load of building, beams, slabs, columns and aid in surviving natural calamities including windstorms as well as earthquakes.


Super Shakti is dedicated to providing steady product quality, forging a stronger future as well as building trust which grows stronger with time. Not every product has the power to invent and create standards for others to follow. It’s latest product Super Shakti Fe 550+ SD Radical Y Ribbed TMT Bars, encouraged by European construction patterns, are methodically designed to provide supreme bonding of concrete through the steel bar for long-lasting, new generation houses.

The bonding standard:

Steel and concrete have to perform as a single unit in a reinforcement construction. By way of Super Shakti 550+ SD TMT bar’s distinctive Advanced Y rib pattern, the concrete clasps the bar very powerfully, forming the toughest bond. The reinforcement is additionally strengthened by its better rib depth and closer rib spacing at dissimilar angles. Besides, CNC mark cutting ensures uniform rib pattern, hence ensuring homogeneous bonding throughout the structure. The uniformity as well as critically designed ribs also confirm that its exhaustion strength and ductility are superior to usual TMT.

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