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Features and advantages of uPVC doors and Windows

uPVC doors and windows in Jharkhand

uPVC Windows and Doors in Jharkhand

These days, the traditional aluminum and wooden windows and doors are getting replaced by their stylish and sophisticated uPVC counterparts. Persistent Indian Weather conditions claim that uPVC Windows and Doors installations are robust and meet the highest manufacturing excellence standards.

These uPVC Windows and Doors are aimed to achieve that through unsurpassed raw material from Fortune Five Hundred Companies across the globe as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes supervised by top-tier talent safeguarding best practices.

The Benefits of UPVC Windows and Doors

  •       Customisable. Normally most UPVC windows, doors and outside facias will come in white.
  •       Protection. The protection of a property or home is ultimate to any window or door fitting.
  •       Insulation.
  •       Strength.
  •       Ventilation.
  •       Eco-Friendly.
  •       Low Maintenance.
  •       Weather Resistant.

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Features of uPVC Windows and Doors

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be preserved by avoiding internal energy loss (usually 37% through windows). These Windows Profile Systems decrease energy loss by over 30% thereby dropping energy costs.

Exceptional Price Benefit Ratio

uPVC profiles save lots of costs in expressions of maintenance and saving energy while compared to Timber frames which are around 40% - 50% more costly. 

UV Resistance

These Windows Profile Systems provide 100% UV resistance with the correct amount of TiO2, which aids in retaining whiteness against contact to the sun.

High Weather Resistance

These Windows Profile Systems are in particular developed keeping in mind the severe weather prevalent in India. Long experiences to sun, rain, wind and dampness cannot affect the window superiority or durability.

100% Recyclable:

These products avoid contributing to deforestation by employing wood alternatives. These windows as well as doors are 100% lead free and recyclable

Sound Insulation

Not merely do they deliver thermal insulation but also exceptional sound insulation. Double glass units can aid in sound reduction up to 30 Db.

uPVC Window and Doors price in Jharkhand

Lesso 8x8 Feet UPVC Sliding Window at

INR 500 per Square Feet 


EITI By Lesso

Open Style



White, Off White, Mahagony, Dark Oak, Walnut, Golden Oak


Fire Resistance

Nation of Origin

Made in India


UPVC Sliding Windows are normally open horizontally through bottom for swift horizontal movement. Very simple to operate, sliding windows are a perfect choice for apartments needing plenty amount of cross ventilation. 

White 3-8 mm two track Upvc window, 4 Height 4 Width, 25yrs Warranty

INR 500 per sq ft 

Window Dimension ( H x W) ft

4 height 4 width

Window Open Elegance


Frame Material

Twenty Five years warranty


Metafram z plast



Kind of Glass

Floated Glass

Glass Thickness

3 to 8 mm

Two track window room window 

Internal UPVC window, Toughened Glass

INR 425 per sq ft 

Door Location


Glass Category

Toughened Glass

Handle Category

L Handle




Atlas White UPVC Casement Windows, Glass Thickness is 5 mm

INR 450 per Square Feet 





Glass Width

5 mm

Open Elegance


Frame Material


Nation of Origin

Made in India



If you are looking for an alternative to traditional doors and windows, mostly made of wood, then uPVC is the right choice. One of the best properties of uPVC is that it is powerful despite being lightweight, and uPVC doors and windows can be secured with multi-point locking systems. All the prices described in this post are for reference purposes only. We are not claiming these prices to be accurate. To know the latest prices of various uPVC products in your area, you can contact Comaron. 

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