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Diverse types of cement blocks for Construction in India

cement bricks vs red bricks

A cement block is one of numerous precast concrete products utilized in construction. The term precast refers to the detail that the blocks are formed as well as hardened prior to they are brought to the job site. Most cement blocks have one or more hollow cracks, plus their sides may be performers smooth or by a design.

What are cement blocks employed for?

They're good for creating walls which provide defence against the elements, like strong winds. They can also be exercised for projects similar to garden walls and planters, foundations, steps, retaining walls and firepits. Solid concrete blocks are typically heavier than hollow blocks, nevertheless they can be less expensive.

What are cement blocks known in construction?

Cement blocks units are colloquially recognized by several names, most predominately “concrete block”, “CMU”, “cinder block” or just “block”.

What are the diverse types of cement blocks?

  1. Cement Bricks.
  2. Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Blocks.
  3. Hollow Concrete Blocks.
  4. Solid Concrete Blocks.
  5. Lintel Blocks.
  6. Jamb Concrete Blocks.
  7. Concrete Pillar Blocks.
  8. Concrete Stretcher Blocks.


What is in fact cement block construction?

Concrete blocks are a prefabricated material primarily used to build walls. Corresponding to bricks, the blocks are stacked together as well as joined with a mortar, generally consisting of cement, sand along with water. The blocks are hollow inside to let for steel bars as well as mortar filling.

Is a cement block a rock?

Concrete blocks are built from pure concrete. That is, the aggregates which are used are exceptionally crushed stone or sand.

What are the dissimilar forms of block?

Forms of Concrete Blocks or Concrete Masonry Units Utilized in Construction.

Kinds of Hollow Concrete Blocks:

  • Concrete Corner Blocks.
  • Concrete Pillar Blocks.
  • Concrete Stretcher Blocks.
  • Partition Concrete Block.
  • Lintel Blocks.
  • Jamb Concrete Blocks.
  • Frogged Brick Blocks.

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