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Infrastructure Development in West Bengal - India

Construction Material supplier in Kolkata

West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBIIDC) was considered and established as a main agency of State's Commerce as well as Industries Department for provision of necessary industrial infrastructure spread over West Bengal to guarantee balanced in addition to well-planned industrial development in the State.

Best TMT steel Rate in Kolkata, West Bengal

Shyam Steel TMT  12mm Rs.58200 MT
2 SRMB TMT 12mm Rs.58100 MT
3 Durgapur TMT 12mm Rs.57900 MT
4 Captain TMT 12mm Rs.58000 MT
5 Elegant TMT 12mm Rs.58000 MT

To increase State's infrastructure Growth and interpret the vision of Development Activity of the State Government, along with Industrial Park development work, WBIIDC executed numerous development projects in support of other Government Departments/Undertakings/Local Bodies.

Cement Price per bag in Kolkata, West Bengal

1 Ultratech Premium Cement Rs.400
2 Dalmia Cement Rs.380
3 Nuvoco Concreto  Rs.385
4 Ambuja Cement  Rs.390

What is the key industry of West Bengal?

Main Industries: Tea, petroleum in addition to petrochemicals, leather. Iron as well as steel, mineral resources, information technology, automobile and auto apparatuses, fisheries, jute products, biotechnology and textiles.

Is West Bengal an advanced state?

West Bengal too has the 28th-highest ranking amid Indian states in human development index, by the index value being less than that of whole India. The state government debt of Rs.4.0 lakh crore, or else 32.6% of GSDP, is 5th highest India, but has fell from 40.65% since 2010–11.

Why construction is much slow?

Much of the time consumed in construction projects is because of a lack of communication. It was not merely technical knowledge which was important; it was the capacity to organize and direct numerous people. By reason of this gap in communication and old-fashioned methods in the industry, projects stimulated much slower.

How do you evade construction delays?

How to Evade Construction Delays

  1. Set genuine goals.
  2. Plan the project in wide-ranging detail.
  3. Allocate clear roles.
  4. Reassure transparency inside your team.
  5. Hire experienced employees.
  6. Establish clear communication within your team.
  7. Improve your management procedures.

Why do road construction projects take much long?

That primarily means suitable compaction. Soil settles as well as compresses over time, and if this occurs with something on top (such as a road or any other structure) it can direct to harm and deterioration. Compaction speeds up which settlement process so it all occurs during construction in place of afterwards.

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