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Dalmia DSP Cement: A Dhalai expert

Dalmia cement price India

Is Dalmia Cement upright for house construction?

Nowadays, for home construction, most alleged brands like Dalmia Cement sell three alternatives- PSC (Portland Slag Cement), PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) in addition to Composite Cement. These are environment friendly, provide better strength and other parameters to shape a stronger, longer lasting home.


Is Dalmia Cement worthy for roof?

Dalmia SUPEROOFTM - Is particularly designed to provide additional protection and strength, compared to normal cements. This gives the cement an ideal particle size distribution, which in turn, allows denser concrete. The dense concrete protects against cracks and water leaks, guaranteeing that the roof continues for generations.


What is the actual grade of Dalmia Cement?

Grade 53

Product Condition

Cement Grade

Grade 53




OPC 53 & OPC 43



Packing Magnitude

50 Kg


Is Dalmia Cement decent for foundation?

Dalmia DSP offers an exclusive blend of advantages of high early and long-term strength gain, building it most appropriate for high strength foundation, column and slab of your home. It aids give your dream home strength and protective ability in the maximum critical stages of construction.


Is Dalmia Cement first class for plastering?

Dalmia 43 Grade Cement:

Building, Block work and plastering. Dalmia cement (OPC-53 Grade) is famous for its excellence.


How many kinds of Dalmia Cement are there?

Dalmia Cement

Prominent & Principal Manufacturer from Bengaluru: It offers Dalmia OPC 53 Grade Cement, Dalmia PPC Grade Cement in addition to Dalmia 43 Grade OPC Cement.


Which cement is finest for dhalai?

Use of OPC 53 grade along with PPC ( Portland pozzolana cement) is the finest cement for roof dhalai and for all form of RCC structure identical to footing, slab, beam as well as column.


What is the real meaning of Dalmia DSP?

Dalmia DSP is a particular, one-of-its-kind offering by Dalmia Cement. Precisely engineered for concreting or 'Dhalai', Dalmia DSP delivers a number of rewards so you can build the best possible household. Prices Displayed are for every 50Kg Bag.


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