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Different forms of Generators

Different forms of Gensets

In the contemporary era, work goes on incessantly in every firm, whether it is a factory or an office. Moreover, you can’t expect to spend even a single minute without the availability of power supply. Further, the need of electricity is more prominent in Gurgaon, where life can’t even be imagined in the absence of electric supply. A Genset caters to the need of power alternatively in deficiency of electricity.

Electric Gensets

A Genset is a blend of a prime mover, (characteristically an engine), plus an alternator. An engine changes the chemical energy of a fuel into mechanical energy. That mechanical energy is employed to spin the alternator rotor; switching mechanical energy to electrical energy.


What are the two kinds of generator?

The two main kinds of AC motors are illustrious by the type of rotor utilized.

  • Induction (asynchronous) motor, the rotor magnetic field is formed by an induced current.
  • Synchronous motor, it does not depend on induction and thus can rotate precisely at the supply frequency or else sub-multiple.


Comaron has an array of all Genset brands of the country. The following list contains a gist of them:

  • Aggreko can deliver generators from fifteen KVA to two thousand KVA in single units, as well as multi-megawatt packages by means of 1250KVA units, which are associated together.
  • Atlas Copco. Altas Copco offers portable along with stationary generators.
  • Ingersoll Rand.
  • Manlift Group.
  • Caterpillar
  • Kirloskar
  • Sudhir
  • FG Wilson.
  • Himoinsa

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