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Doaba Steel Saria TMT gold 500 Price Today

Doaba TMT Saria Punjab Delhi Gurgaon India

DOABA TMT: International Level Quality

DOABA GROUP is one of the foremost names in steel industry in India, whose products have accomplished an energetic place. Time defines the story of victory of decades.

Establishing its roots in 1970 with the origination of its rolling mill plant at Mandi Gobindgarh, it travelled a long journey. Widespread expertise, hard labour, skilled organization and no compromise with quality has completed our products most required in the market.

In 1978, Doaba Steel Rolling Mills was the leading unit in Punjab to familiarize CTD BARS which was a big success at that time, Later on the unit was changed to completely automatic plant in year 2000 with modern state of art rolling technology.

DOABA introduced TMT BARS, likewise another triumph. The products are being manufactured as stated by International Standards through EVCON TURBO TMT TECHNOLOGY

Doaba TMT steel Saria price list:

Doaba TMT Steel Saria 12mm

Rs 55,225 /  MT

Doaba TMT Steel Saria 8mm

Rs 59,645 /  MT

Doaba TMT Steel Saria 16mm

Rs 57,535 /  MT

Doaba TMT Steel Saria 10mm

Rs 58,845 /  MT

Doaba TMT Steel Saria 20mm

Rs 57,445 /  MT

Doaba TMT Steel Saria 25mm

Rs 57,445 /  MT


Doaba TMT bars have advanced weld ability; strength, ductility as well as bend ability. These features meet world-class class standards making them highly fit for ultra-modern building. Thermo mechanical therapy builds the steel bars pass thought a particularly designed water cooling system where in the external surface of the bars develops cold while the core remains hot, therefore creating a temperature gradient in the bars. Just the once of the water cooling system, the warmth from the core flows to the external surface causing extra tempering of steel bars thereby assisting the TMT bars achieve the uppermost yield strength .

Products Excellence

DOABA TMT GOLD SARIA is greater than the traditional re-bars accessible in the market. Tested raw material (billets and ingots) are employed for manufacturing the class products passing through the worldwide Turbo TMT Technology (The GEN-NEX technology) procedures, resulting the concluding product of desired and consistent properties.

Tested billets/Ingots are hot rolled in entirely automatic rolling mill prepared with electronic devices (programmer logic control) to regulate the manufacturing process through facilities of up-to-date rolling technologies insuring the outstanding quality and surface finish with homogeneousness in each.

Products USP

  • The Products are certified with IS:1786 as well as ISO 9001 : 2015
  • All Products are passed through Chemical and Mechanical Testing
  • Welding Property
  • First " ISI " licence in the Punjab State, for TMT BARS
  • Amazing infrastructure
  • Exceptional Bending Property
  • Class Raw Material ( Billets / Blooms / Ingots )

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