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Earthquake Resistance Building Construction Techniques in India

Guidelines to Make Your House Earthquake Resistant

Ways to Make Your Home Earthquake Resistant

  1. Organize a Home Inspection.
  2. Keep the Foundation Humidity Constant.
  3. Brace the Cripple walls by Plywood.
  4. Evade Unreinforced Masonry Walls.
  5. Make use of simpler reinforcement techniques.
  6. Utilize Flexible-kind of Utilities.
  7. Side-step Furniture, Fixtures as well as Decorations near Bed.

Natural disasters are unexpected and hazardously powerful, making them a grave threat to communities nationwide. Specialists have learned to forestall some like hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes, however others can still strike with no cautionary.

Earthquake-resistant building designs study the following characteristics which influence their structural integrity: stiffness as well as strength, redundancy, regularity, foundations and load paths.

Rigidity and Strength

While designing earthquake-resistant buildings, safety professionals endorse sufficient vertical and lateral stiffness and strength – precisely lateral. Structures tend to deal with the vertical movement originated by quakes better than the lateral, or horizontal, drive.


This characteristic denotes to the movement of the building while pushed in lateral directions. Safety specialists and building designers wish the building to move similarly so as to disperse the energy without employing too much force on one side or another. In case a building is irregular, then weaknesses will become obvious when the building influences. The weakness will compromise as well as the structure will see concentrated damage – which negotiates the structure as a whole.


A stable foundation is a main characteristic of building a large structure irrespective of natural disaster risks. It is in fact critical for a building’s long-term survival, as well as a stronger foundation is compulsory to resist earthquakes powerful forces. Different areas have exclusive foundational characteristics which define how a structure’s base requires to be reinforced. Professionals have to carefully observe how the ground reacts plus moves before building. Buildings designed to endure violent earthquakes have deep foundations in addition to driven piles. To stabilize these extreme measures, the foundations are linked so they move as a unit.

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