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Encraft: A uPVC brand that you can Trust with 10 years Warranty

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ENCRAFT is a product make of ENCRAFT India Pvt. Ltd., the flagship corporation of the DCJ Group. The establishment carried on to enlarge into flexible PVC extrusion and settled patented magnetic sealing systems employed by the refrigeration industry, where it is nowadays a key supplier to famous household names like Samsung, Godrej, in addition to LG.

  • Strength of its Product and Quality of Material the Company Uses
  • Customer Centric Approach and Quick Response to Market
  • Innovation and Training Facility along with In-house Testing


ENCRAFT offers the greatest varied range of modern styles and designs in white plus natural wood finishes and a countless of shades. Slim frames and higher distinguishability of the glass surface exploit light and clarity. Low level, hidden, grey-coloured gaskets add to the appealing quality of white windows while tailored production ensures that excellence, and your world, is at no time compromised.

ENCRAFT uPVC Windows & Doors

ENCRAFT doors and windows are a feasible and superior choice to wood and aluminium. Positive insulation decreases the carbon footprint of the building. Being an extra of wood, it helps the atmosphere by dropping deforestation. 100% recyclable ENCRAFT systems are Led free, hence increasing the ecological sustainability and are free from health as well as environmental threats of lead poisoning.

ENCRAFT uPVC Doors & Windows can resist storms with wind pressure of above than 3000 Pascal, which is equal to a pace of 245 km/hr. This benefit has been valued is being in contemporary architecture when frames are being essential for installations in up-to-date, earth quake proof tower blocks beyond 10 storeys or more. Design elasticity is a concealed strength of UPVC systems.


Is Encraft uPVC decent?

Encraft is a respectable window brand that delivers quality window and doors bid the best options. It's a virtuous idea to spend a bit additional money on a window and doors to validate the windows you buy get put in right as well as Encraft was just apt.

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