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Fenesta Specification, reviews, types, soundproof window frame cost per sqft

Fenesta makes its windows as well as doors from a new-age framing material 'UPVC' which has certain essential advantages over old-style window framing materials such as Wood and Aluminium, and helps it to hold its shape, shine and colour for years together. Contrasting to wood, UPVC is termite proof and doesn't engross moisture.

Where is fenesta from?

The solutions of the company outlast buildings. Fenesta is the solitary company in India which manufactures its own uPVC merger and profiles. The PVC resins are sourced in-house from additional division of DCM Shriram and are directed to the extrusion plant in Kota for production of a weather resistant distinct uPVC blend.

What is the price of fenesta windows?

Fenesta UPVC Windows at the rate of Rs 750 per square feet.

Who is the owner of fenesta?

DCM Shriram Group:

Fenesta is portion of Rs 8,308 Crore DCM Shriram Group, one of the oldest, major and most reliable business houses in north India. Originated by Sir Shriram in the late 19th century, DCM Shriram is acknowledged for its clear work culture and variety.

Are fenesta windows secure?

In order to guard your home from such storms and cyclones, Fenesta engineers have turned up with innovative solutions that offer strong protection ensuring no brisk frames and no whistling sounds while growing the safety and security of your home.

What is uPVC material?

uPVC stances for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a firm plastic material regularly used in windows and doors. This material is unaffected from pollution, moisture, corrosion in addition to mould. This makes uPVC windows a longer-lasting substitute to timber as well as aluminium windows. This is how uPVC windows, doors are produced.

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