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FERRON STEEL: Meeting the World Class Quality

Ferron TMT Rebar Price in Tamil Nadu India

FERRON STEEL is produced by means of the world’s most cutting-edge technology. The bars are being magnificently used in maximum parts of the developed world. The practice imparts high strength to the bar applying the up-to-date system of thermo mechanical treatment (TMT) as against cold twisting, which is employed to manufacture conventional reinforcing bars. The process encompasses passing of bars through a distinct cooling pipe system where they are quickly water quenched for a few seconds depending on the dimension of the bars and then rolling pace. The result of the fast quenching is a hardened martensite assembly on the surface of the bar as well as a soft core of the ferrite pearlite. The heat at the centre of the bar reheats the surface to a balancing temperature, which gives them high strength and hardiness. Its plant is fine tuned for steady cooling and levelling temperature levels, the two factors that improve the strength of the TMT bars.

Grade  Size Price Per MT As on 
Fe500 12MM Rs.64,500 14June2022

Why Ferron:


Its own billet produced by Continuous Casting Machine (CCM). The only company to acquire IS 2830 License for Billet maanufacturing in South Tamil Nadu.


The TMT bars are produced using PLC online technology to preserve uniform thermo mechanical treatment of every bar.


Being located in Tuticorin, safeguards quick delivery, lesser transport cost, guards the customer from price impulsiveness.


The bars encompass low carbon and high manganese, this guarantees easy weld ability. The bendability is as well high as it makes the steel very flexible. The special design of the bars provides outstanding bonding between the bar and concrete for grander life.


FE-500 TMT

Thermo mechanically treated steel, recognized as TMT steel, can be illustrated as a new-generation high strength steel containing improved properties like strength, weld ability, ductility and bend ability meeting greatest quality standards of worldwide level.

These bars are manufactured from better quality billets produced in the same plant as per the requirements of its clients.

These FE-500 grade bars for sizes arraying between 8 mm to 40 mm. Special length orders for up to 22intrs can be achieved. The usual length of the bar is 12 metres.

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