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Gian TMT Steel: Multi-Purpose307 TMT Steel Bars

Gian TMT Saria Price Haryana Chandigarh Punjab India

Special Features of Gian TMT Reinforcement Steel

  1. Sophisticated strength with enhanced elongation.
  2. First-rate Weld-ability.
  3. Resistance to fire menaces.
  4. Tremendous Ductility.
  5. Upper Fatigue Strength.
  6. Tranquil workability at site.
  7. Restored Bonding Strength.
  8. Restored Corrosion Resistance.

Gian Steel TMT Price List: 

Gian Steel TMT Steel 8 mm Price

Rs 65, 200 /  MT

As on 15April 2022

Gian Steel TMT Steel 12mm Price

Rs 62, 400 /  MT


As on 15April 2022

Gian Steel TMT Steel 16mm Price

Rs 63, 600 /  MT


As on 15April 2022

Gian Steel TMT Steel 25mm Price

Rs 63, 100 /  MT


As on 15April 2022

What are the applications of Gian TMT bars?

Gian TMT Bar Used for

  1. Dams.
  2. Airports.
  3. Power Plants.
  4. Bridges.
  5. Stadiums.
  6. Highways.
  7. Flyovers.

What are the rewards of Gian TMT over other bar?

Gian TMT bars impart superior welding ability, working knack, ductility and restored elongation. The TMT bars are extensively used in the construction industry as a result of their amazing flexibility in construction. Applying TMT bars in construction is lucrative and accelerates the pace of construction.

Which mm TMT bar is decent for construction?

TMT Steel or TMX steel is the ultimate bet for house construction. They are actually the modern generation of reinforcement steel (high-strength in addition to ductile than their precursors). They are in fact graded as Fe415, Fe500, Fe500D plus Fe550 i.e. yield strength of 415, 500 as well as 550 N/ sq mm in that order. Higher grade are also open.

What are the benefits of using Gian TMT bars when compared with ordinary bars?

The TMT bars have a firm outer surface along with a softer core. Their engineering process takes in hot rolled steel wires delivered through water. This makes the surface solid and keeps the core warmer as well as softer. This supports in building the steel corrosion resistance and similarly increases its weld ability.

What do you understand by fe415?

The clarification behind is Fe 415 indicates that power of 415 N/ is obligatory to deform the TMT bar, while Fe-500 denotes that a strength of 500 N/ is mandatory to deform the TMT bar. The variance in the strength/quality between Fe 415 as well as Fe 500 grades, thus, is 20%.

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