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Grades of TMT Bars for different Usage


There are different types of TMT steel bars, which have been classified as per their particular functioning. They come with different chemical composition as well as physical properties. For the TMT Steel kind, the four primary grades of steel available in India are; Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550D in addition to Fe 600 where the number decides the yield superiority of the steel product. Below mentioned discussion will elucidate about these different classes in a broader way:


Grade FE 415

Grade Fe 415 was the fundamental modernization in TMT bar arrangement that superseded the traditional cold twisted as well as deformed bars or shortly CTD bars. As this level of TMT bar goes with an upgraded flexibility, quality, and lengthening, it is used for the most part utilized in contemporary RCC developments where the zone is ever more powerless against seismic tremors.

Grade FE 500

These bars are acknowledged for its differing uses. They have been employed in bridges, multiple story business structures along with underground structures.

Grade FE 500D

These bars are made in the controlled condition to achieve its better elasticity that permits the bars to be extremely supple as well as adaptable. This adaptability of the bars allows the specialists and manufacturers to erect structures of their decision and in addition focus on cutting edge and inventive plans.

Grade FE 600

Such bars provide better strength and have more yield and firmness while contrasted with other TMT steel grades; it is operated for massive RCC development purposes.

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