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Everything You Need to Know About Granite: History, Advantages and Types

Granite has been used in buildings since the Ancient Egyptians. It was also the reason for the initial commercial train track in the United States, which is the “Granite Railway” of Quincy, MA.

Amazingly, it has only been employed as a countertop since the late 1880s, with just a few selected shade options accessible, and its costly price tag meant merely the very wealthy could fix it in their posh castles.

Rough-cut, as well as polished granite, is applied in buildings, paving, monuments, bridges and many other outdoor projects. Indoors, polished granite slabs in addition to tiles are employed in countertops, tile floors, and stair treads, along with many other practical as well as decorative features.

Brief History Of Granite Stone:

Remarkably, granite was initially shaped 300 million years ago as well as the oldest igneous rock in the world. As a plutonic rock, it is created by way of the cooling of magma/molten stone. Notwithstanding the slabs of granite, we recognize and love these days being usually dark in colour, conventionally this stone is far lighter.


This stone is utilized for a multiplicity of structural as well as decorative purposes. Both the ancient worlds as well as the modern one bear indication of the importance of granite as a construction material. Today, it is commonly used in the creation of roads, monuments, public buildings, pavements and bridges.

Advantages of Granite stone


A natural stone, it is rock-hard, second merely to diamonds in standings of the firmness of natural materials. Unaffected to scratching, cracking, as well as chipping; a properly connected, closed granite countertop will appear like new and most probably last your lifetime under standard use.

Resistance to Heat and Scratches:

The stone is acknowledged to be one of the robust stones in the world. In addition to being heat resistant, this very rigid material won't scratch. Besides that, properly wrapped granite will end for numerous years for the reason that the sealing helps defend against stains.

Easy Maintenance:

In the realm of countertops, this stone is considered a premium choice. It requires very slight maintenance as well as is quite durable. Nevertheless, when observing to continue its stain resistance, some preservation is compulsory from time to time to reseal the substance.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

This natural stone has a rich beauty as compared to few other countertop materials can compete. It is a natural product thru an eternal aura as well as appeal. These stone countertops take an excellent kitchen to the next level visually as well as often become the showpiece of the room.

Increase Property Value:

This natural product can increase a further touch of class to any section of your house: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, pathways… For instance, granite countertops are the most common choice because of their great durability, heat resistance along with timeless style. Thus, stone floor can also develop the economic worth for an entrance hallway, outdoor paving or a front yard. In case you prefer, you can pick a natural stone wall or else facade, which will change the appearance of the outward side of your building.

Types of Granite Stones:


  • Brown Granite
  • Green Granite
  • Black Granite
  • White Granite
  • Gold Granite
  • Grey Granite
  • Red Granite


Colours of Granite stones:

On the origin of colour granite can be categorized into- Red, Green, Gold, Black, yellow, pink, grey, in addition to blue.

Summary of Types:

The diverse colours of granite are by reason of its mineral as well as rock make-up. In order to be measured granite, the rock ought to contain as minimum 20 per cent quartz, which is normally white in shade. Other minerals instituted in granite are potassium feldspar, feldspar as well as amphibole. These minerals enhance colours to it, moreover.

Highlight of Colours:

Pure as well as unconditionally classic, white granite is the highest choice in the old-style kitchen setting.

Granite is an unpleasant igneous rock through large grains (minerals) definitely seen by the bare eye. Granite colours are most usually white, pink, variations of grey in addition to black.

Final Thoughts:

Granite is employed for bathroom as well as kitchen countertops as well as worktops. It's an tremendously popular choice since it is waterproof, heat resistant, stain resistant, simple to clean and tough to harm so it's a very useful material as well as very good-looking.

Granite is hard-wearing. The stone is an astonishingly robust stone—a must-have excellence for any high-traffic kitchen. The substance is heat-resistant so closeness to a cook-top or temporarily setting a hot pan down won't abolish the surface. Correspondingly, as a tremendously solid material, granite won't simply scratch.

Hence, granite stones ought to be applied in your building for its overall beauty and strength.


  • Resistance to stains, heat, and moisture.
  • Scratching and chipping resistance The stone is unaffectedly rock-hard. 
  • Granite is Simple to Clean. 
  • High Affordability.
  • Each granite slab is Exclusive.
  • Granite countertops are impeccably flat.
  • Granite is Family-Friendly. 
  • It adds value to your kitchen. 

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