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Transform Your Home with the Timeless Elegance of Italian Marbles

Italian Range marbles are exceedingly strong and possess a long life. In fact, these marble's raw stones are brought in from Italy in India as well as have high demand around the world. Therefore, these marble stones are very worthy. A most well-known kind of this marble is Perlato, Dyna in addition to beige marble.

Brief history and Popularity of Italian Marbles in flooring industry

The Heritage of Marble in Italy

This marble in Italy was in the beginning limestone millions of years ago. Over period, with the drive of the earth's crust along with the formation of these mountains, great pressure changed the limestone into the firm, beautiful marble established there these days.

Why is Italian marble much popular?

Many consider Italian marble to be superior due to its purity, durability, and stunning white color. The detail that numerous buildings, sculptures, as well as other works of art finished centuries before out of Carrara marble still occur today is considered an evidence to its permanence.

Types of Italian Marbles:










Advantages of Application of Italian Marbles for flooring:

  • Natural Class. Marble is a high-end finish, denoting it's applied to offer spaces an elegant, luxurious appearance.

  • Variety of Colour options to Pick From.

  • Brilliant Heat Conduction.

  • Stress-free to clean.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Allergen-Resistant. 

  • Joints Are Simple to Match.


Durability and Longevity:

Despite being significantly tougher than most other types of flooring, marble tends to develop a yellowish tint over time. With consistent maintenance and satisfactory care, marble flooring can remain integral for nearby 25 years.

Unique and Aesthetic Appeal:

The marble is considered to be grander by many thanks to its purity, durability, and attractive white dye. The fact that numerous buildings, sculptures, in addition to other works of art prepared centuries ago by way of Carrara marble still are present today is well-thought-out a witness to its prolonged existence.

Easy Maintenance:

Imported marble is environmental since it does not involve much conservation. Italian Marble comes in many colors and patterns, building it multipurpose enough to apply in any room or else outdoor space. Imported marble is not certainly scratched or fragmented and will keep its beauty for several years.

Value Addition to the Property:

The marble is employed to contribute a high-end look to your home, as understood in this example. It is applied as an embellished feature for the flooring, bathroom countertops, walls, tabletops and so on. Unlike Indian marble, Italian marble is soft and prone to staining, which is why it is not suitable for kitchen countertops.

Cost of Italian Marbles:

Is Italian marble overpriced?

Price of Italian marble in India in 2023: While the initial price is Rs.50 every sq ft, higher qualities vary between Rs.700 and Rs.1,000 every sq ft. In addition, while associated with high-quality tiles or granites, this marble proves to be always expensive.

Factors affecting the cost of Italian Marbles:

What makes marble extra costly?

What Factors Into the Price of Marble? Color: While it comes to marble, a reduced amount of color is often deliberated more respected. Marble slabs through little to no veining can be tough to find. Marble slab width: The thicker the slab, the additional bold the statement — and the upper the cost.

Comparison with other types of marbles and flooring materials:

What is the dissimilarity between Italian marble and normal marble?

Italian marble holds a luxurious crystal-like look as well as a high glossy sheen while Indian marble holds a medium luster. Both these forms of natural marble are present in a wide variety of shade options in addition to natural grain patterns.

Care and Maintenance of Italian Marbles:

It is recommend that consumers utilize a mild liquid dishwashing detergent along with warm water to clean surfaces, plus if soap layer is a fear, Miracle brand granite as well as marble cleaner afterwards to curtail the presence of streaking.

Regular Cleaning and Polishing

How do you preserve Italian marble floors?

Apply simply a mild detergent or else stone cleaner to preserve your Italian marble floor clean as well as gleaming.

  1. Wipe the floor through a dry dust mop.
  2. Fill a bucket thru warm water in addition to dish soap or stone cleaner.
  3. Rise and fall a mop in the soapy water as well as wring out the surplus moisture.

Dealing with Stains and Scratches:

Can scratched marble be fixed?

All scratches on marble can be detached, from lighter scratches that just involve some polish. Deeper scratches will need the application of abrasives to eliminate them. Taking away scratches thru abrasives can be completed wet or dry. They can be eradicated manually or by an electric sander.

Precautions to avoid damage to the Italian Marbles:

What precautions must be taken on marble floor?


  • Wipe dust from floors regularly with a soft cloth.

  • Meticulously rinse as well as dry the surface using clean, clear water subsequent to washing.

  • Clean surfaces by way of mild pH neutral dish soap or in particular formulated marble cleaner.

  • Blot up spills directly, never wipe.

  • Defend floor surfaces through non-slip mats or area rugs.



Benefits and drawbacks of Italian Marbles:

What are the benefits of marble flooring?

Marble Floor Benefits

  • Natural Stylishness. The marble is a high-end finish, which means it's employed to give spaces a sophisticated, comfortable look.

  • Lots of Dyes to Select From.

  • First-rate Heat Conduction.

  • Simple to Clean.

  • Joints Are Stress-free to Match.

  • Allergen-Resistant.


What are the drawbacks of marble flooring?

Cons of Marble Flooring

  • Stains simply take place.

  • Not a cheap choice.

  • Requires explicit sealing treatments.

  • Simply damaged in case not maintained.

  • Not perfect for every room, particularly not the kitchen.

  • Characteristically needs expert installation.

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