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Ideal Standard: For Premium Quality Bathroom and Sanitaryware

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Ideal Standard International is a multinational bathroom, sanitary ware as well as plumbing fixture company. It is headquartered in Belgium.

Is Ideal Standard and American Standard the identical?

A new company, recognized as Ideal Standard International, was created in 2007 by the sale of the bath along with kitchen products trades of American Standard Companies to Bain Capital Partners. As of 2014 the corporation is headquartered in Belgium, plus has over 10,000 employees.

Is Ideal Standard superior quality?

Ideal Standard bathroom products are acknowledged for being superior quality. The company has been manufacturing bathrooms in the UK for more than 100 years, and present a manufacturer's warranty on all their products, which is in fact between one and 25 years, depending on what you purchase from their range.

Where are Ideal Standard products produced?

The factory of the company is in Armitage. Staffordshire remains the merely large scale ceramics manufacturing process in the UK, manufacturing millions of toilets and basins yearly, each proudly bearing the tag Ideal Standard or Armitage Shanks.

Is Armitage Shanks the similar as Ideal Standard?

Armitage Shanks is actually a British manufacturer of bathroom fixtures in addition to plumbing supplies, now portion of the group Ideal Standard.

Why Select Ideal Standard?

Ideal Standard’s main attention is to form the future of modern living by understanding as well as connecting with clients. They reflect on their history of pioneering novelty which has truly shaped the industry nowadays.

With continuous progression, Ideal Standard stays to base their ideas on style, excellence, and functionality. This is to guarantee you can shop with confidence as you see you’re getting high-standard products which are built to last.

By releasing advanced products, Ideal Standard aid create an effective and lasting experience for consumers to enjoy within their bathrooms at household.

Ideal Standard creations are slim and compact as their purpose is to help make the maximum of bathroom space - whatever the size. Nevertheless, they do not let the structure or development of their products to influence style.


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