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Market Size of Construction Industry in India

The market size, estimated by income, of the Commercial Building Construction industry is Rs.15771 billion in 2022.

What is the prospect of construction industry in India?

Construction industry in India will continue buoyant by reason of increased demand from real estate in addition to infrastructure projects. Indian Real Estate sector predictable to range a market size of Rs.70 trillion by 2030. Its input to the country's GDP is likely to be roughly 13% by 2025.

What are the three categories of Construction?

Approximately, there are 3 sectors of construction: structures, infrastructure plus industrial: Building construction is normally more allocated into residential and non-residential.

How many construction firms are in India?

The Indian construction industry contains 200 firms in the corporate sector. As well as these firms, there are approximately 120,000 class A contractors registered with numerous government construction bodies.

What is the rank of the construction segment in employment generation?

Notes: The construction segment is ranked 2 in employment generation. Agriculture is highest employment generator in the nation. The construction sector donates 11% to India's GDP.

Is the construction industry a flawlessly competitive market?

Builders in this home-based construction industry often periods function in a monopolistically reasonable market. They have somewhat distinguished products and services, and it is not too expensive for new builders to go in the market.

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