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What is the best Italian Marble?

When you decide to build your home, then you have to choose marbles its flooring. In addition to Indian marble, Italian one is also one of the best options.

Italian marble is well-known for its fine veins along with a lustrous shine. The most eminent varieties are the white or else blue-grey marble from Carrara, the gleaming shades of Botticino as well as the creamy white Pavonazzetto before Red Verona.


Which is the finest Italian marble?
Some of the most admired Italian marbles in-store is Calacatta, Statuario along with Carrara marble. These stones are ultimate for indoor applications and are normally used as kitchen benchtops, splashbacks in addition to bathroom vanities.


What is the price of Italian marble?


Min Rate

Max Rate

16 mm

Rs 200 per Square Feet

Rs 400 per Square Feet

17 mm

Rs 250 per Square Feet

Rs 650 per Square Feet

18 mm

Rs 220 per Square Feet

Rs 1000 per Square Feet

20 mm

Rs 220 per Square Feet

Rs 400 per Square Feet


Is Italian marble excellent for flooring?
Due to its highly shiny look, Italian marble is typically used as a decorative constituent in flooring, walls, and tabletops and so on.


Is Italian marble costly?
The truth is that Italian marble isn't costly just for the reason that it is a luxury item; it is in fact a luxury item due to its premium quality.


Difference between Indian Marble and Italian Marble

Marble is an attractive natural stone and is still the most favored flooring material for Indian homes contrasted to other factory-made materials like vitrified or porcelain tiles. Several varieties of both Indian marble as well as Italian marble are readily accessible in different colors along with vein patterns.

  • Indian marble is extracted from the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh as well as Madhya Pradesh, while Italian marble is extracted from Northern Italy and is generally available in slabs.
  • Italian marble has a very high shine. It is a very soft stone with a crystal-like facade. Indian marble has a medium gleam and is a relatively harder stone.
  • Both these forms of marble are usually available in a thickness of eighteen to twenty millimeters. On the other hand, the thickness of Indian marble can go up to thirty millimeters.

Where can Indian and Italian marble are utilized?

  • Indian marble is mainly used for the flooring, bathroom walls along with countertops of the kitchen, bathroom as well as tables.
  • Italian marble is used to present a high-end look to the home. It is employed as a decorative feature for the flooring, bathroom countertops, walls, tabletops and so on. Not like Indian marble, Italian marble is soft plus prone to staining, for this reason it is not brought into play for the kitchen countertop.

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