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Jai Bharat TMT: Couple with Latest Technology

JB Group, a name to reckon by, it is recognized for its vision and commitment in every effort. The group enjoys a very solid foothold in various industries similar to steel and allied products set up in 1995. It has written the rules as well as ushered in a new era in manufacturing, marketing along with distribution of infrastructure related products plus construction material. The group is resolute to keep marching ahead with its assurance of delivering quality everything they deal.

Usual TMT section

FE 415 grade: Fe 415 grade is the initial innovation in TMT series which switched conventional CTD bars through much better yield strength, ductility in addition to elongation. The journey of contemporary day's construction steel began with the entry of Fe-415 grade TMT bars.

Fe-415 D: The ‘D’ range of TMT bars were introduced through BIS in their modern development in the year 2008. This class of TMT Bars demonstrates advanced tensile strength and ductility on and above standard grade TMT bars. ‘D’ range TMT bars are manufactured through distinct category of billets and critically measured thermal treatment throughout manufacturing process.


  • Fe 500 Grade: Fe 500 grade TMT Bars were familiarized as an one step above technological marvel over orthodox Fe 415 grade product. The greater tensile strength in Fe 500 TMT bars ensued in about 17% lesser consumption in steel in building.


Fe-500 D: The ‘D’ selection of TMT bars were introduced through BIS in their latest mobilization in the year 2008. This group of TMT Bars demonstrates higher tensile strength as well as ductility on and above normal grade TMT bars.


Fe 550 Grade and Fe 600 Grade: These grades of TMT Bars were introduced to further escalate the technical excellence of TMT bars and tendency of consumption of steel in construction projects radically got decreased because of much higher tensile strength as well as load bearing capacities of this technologically higher grade of TMT bars. Steadily the structural engineer fraternity is predisposing towards these high end TMT Bars.


  1. Longer life because of superior corrosion resistant
  2. No extra precaution compulsory in material handling as well as transportation
  3. High yield strength united with superior ductility as well as bendability
  4. No additional operations required throughout fabrication
  5. Can be bend as well as re-bend using very small mandrel
  6. Stress-free to weld

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Tmt Bars is used when

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