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Jindal TMT Bar: A Brand for Construction Project

While cement and concrete can supply strength and consolidation to a building, then why should we bring into play the TMT bar? The following reason can certainly reply efficiently to this question:


Fire Resistant - Worldwide many a buildings shrunken due to fire hazards. TMT Bars can suck up heat up to 600 degree Celsius. These are really the usage of TMT Steel bars price today gurgaon. For all nature of construction purposes TMT rod is compulsory and it makes every structure well-built and never-ending.


More strength as well as ductility – the high strength of the bars compose them an ideal material to be used by concrete for making structures more strong. The unique ribbed pattern on the TMT bars as well provides additional strength by bonding them more firmly with concrete.


Using the most excellent quality TMT bars strengthens the structure as well as makes it everlasting. These bars are tremendously strong, ductile, earthquake resistant, fatigue resistant plus corrosion resistant as well. TMT bars have got to be properly stored for the reason that improper storage might hamper their superiority.


TMT Bars go from first to last Bend & Re-Bend test for the reason that they are relatively high strength steels, as well as the ribs on the bar surface perform as stress concentrators. Higher yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength along with higher percentage elongation at the same time as compared to cold twisted bars (CTD) of identical grade.



Grade as well as Price of Jindal TMT Bars:


Min Price

Max Price

Fe 500

Rs 62000 per Ton

Rs 72,000 per Ton

Fe 550

Rs 63000 per Ton

Rs 73,500 per Ton

Jindal Panther

Rs 70500  per Ton

Rs 88,000 per Ton


TMT bars specifications:




Yield Stress(N per mm2)



Ultimate Tensile Strength (N per mm2)



Elongation (percentage)




Why to choose Jindal Bars:


Manufactured from the virgin iron ore all the way through world class steel making as well as rolling process, Jindal Panther TMT rebar is acknowledged for its matchless quality in terms of strength , safety, ductility in addition to bend ability to suit up to date needs of leaner, quicker along with stronger structural construction.


A prime benefit that Jindal TMT bars present is the brilliant cement bonding, owing to its uniform along with parallel rib patterns. In company with offering high tensile strength, Jindal bars also make available better earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance as well as fire resistance for construction projects


Is Jindal Steel fine for construction?

Jindal Steel is one of the main steel producers with a noteworthy presence in sectors like Mining as well as Power Generation. Jindal Steel is most excellent Steel manufacturer along with Power producer in India.



What is the price of Jindal steel per kg Today?

The rate of Fe500d Jindal Panther Jindal TMT Bars price is Rs 39 per kilogram. 


Some exciting facts:

  • JSW is India's initial company to manufacture 1 crore tonne of steel/annum.
  • India's first corex furnace unit was set up in 1996 at this plant for hot metal production plus within 2 years, it commenced its operations.

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