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Best TMT saria in Punjab

JYOTI the leading brand of Madhav KRG Group, has been an inventor while it comes to Innovation as well as Quality enhancement. Steel has always been an indispensable part of every foundation, as well as what better way to boost the foundation than to give a strong and long lasting TMT Bar.

Jyoti TMT Steel bar Saria Rate list:

Jyoti TMT Steel bar Saria  12mm

Rs 57,265 /  MT

Jyoti TMT Steel bar Saria  8mm

Rs 60,440 /  MT

Jyoti TMT Steel bar Saria 16mm

Rs 58,675 /  MT

Jyoti TMT Steel bar Saria 10mm

Rs 58,945 /  MT

Jyoti TMT Steel bar Saria 20mm

Rs 59,300 /  MT

Jyoti TMT Steel bar Saria 25mm

Rs 59,300 /  MT


Through specialised Zinc Coating and manufactured by CGR Technology – They are Continuous Galvanising re-bars. These Zinc coated TMT Bars are much greater as well as have an advanced life span, and above adding to the product appeal is an enhanced product outlook and exclusive packaging.

Specialised Coating Technique

JYOTI ZINC Coat TMT bars are in fact coated with Zinc and then surface passivation treatment is carried out on them. This encourages a Protective layer onto the TMT Bar. And so, the result is a double layered Final product thus creating additional life for the TMT bars within a concrete environment.

Zinc provides invincible protection which is much advance as compared to other coating options. Coating procedure is carried out through patented Continuous Galvanizing Rebars (CGR) providing best coating thickness, which builds certain a finer final product which is resistant to corrosion. The product has constant and uniform coating thickness, by zero coating gaps in Final output.


Benefits of Jyoti ZINC Coat Tempcore TMT Bars

  1. Safety from Rust(Salt spray life min. Hundred hours in 5% NaCI solution)
  2. Dual Guard layering with CGR(Zinc coating using Passivation)
  3. Improved bond strengthof rebar with concrete
  4. Product Existingin HDPE Micro (60-80 kg) and Macro bundles (upto 2 tons)
  5. Bendability as well as Weldabilityare equal to normal uncoated rebars
  6. No shedding of Coating
  7. Earthquake resistance


Significant Facts of Galvanized Rebar in contrast with uncoated TMT Rebars

  • Growth in Life of steel by two times
  • 2%-4% growth in Bonding Strength

Steel Which Promises extra value to your buildings

  • Higher benefit vs. price
  • Enriched product with continued life
  • Better product satisfaction rate


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