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Kairali TMT Steel Bars: Best for Construction

Kairali TMT Steel Bar Price in Kerala India

Thermo Mechanical Treatment or else TMT steel bar are steel bars treated thru the radical metallurgical process as well as manufactured under the IS Indian Standards.


Grades of steel bar presented by Kairali are FE415, FE 500, FE 500S, FE500D, FE550D, FE 550, FE600 grade TMT Steels Bars appropriate for all types of civil, retail as well as industrial construction purposes. 

Kairali TMT BARS Price List: 

Kairali TMT 8 mm Price

Rs 69, 200 /  MT

As on May 2022

Kairali TMT 12mm Price

Rs 66, 400 /  MT


As on May 2022

Kairali TMT 16mm Price

Rs 67, 600 /  MT


As on May 2022

Kairali TMT 25mm Price

Rs 67, 100 /  MT


As on May 2022

Why Kairali TMT Bars are best?

  • Great Tensile to Produce Strength Ratios and Durability. These bars are built with a strong external core making them additional durable for a lifespan. The tensile to produce strength ratios are superior to 1.12. 

  • Rolling Mill Features

These TMT Steel bars have the first and merely completely automated rolling mill in Kerala.

The company provides automated cooling beds for obtaining improved product finish, flawless straightness and steadiness.

  • Superior Welding Ability

These Bars tend to undergo many welding processes throughout the construction of any building. They have superior welding ability and hence are the easiest TMT Steel Bars to act with.

  • High Ductility and Elongation 

Ductility as well as elongation properties are mandatory for the flexibility of the TMT steel bars for several applications in construction. These bars are extensively used in construction since they can be bent up to 180% without getting cracked or damaged because of their high ductility as well as elongation properties. 

  • Lightweight and Portable

The logistics of raw materials are a main concern for the construction of civil or else retail buildings. As a result of its lightweight, it is easy to transport large quantities together and carriage easily from manufacturer to work spots. 

  • Innovative Manufacturing Process

Produced under the close administration of its frontline metallurgists and engineers in its fully automated rolling mills, these bars are produced using imported quality scrap by a furnace.

  • Fire Resistant 

The bars display above the mark fire resistance making it perfect to stay safe throughout extreme temperature rising conditions or fire eruptions. Fire resistance is desired for residential and commercial building to ensure the security and safety of the people in it. 

The bars can withstand temperatures fluctuating more than 600 degrees celsius.

  • Risk Control and Protection

These bars make use of the EQR German Technology which has the ability to absorb energy waves released throughout Earthquakes.

  • Corrosion-resistant

The existence of Martensitic Layer on the external surface as well as formation of adherent scale file because of water quenching thru rolling guarantee better corrosion resistance properties of these steel bars. Low quality steel bars can make the most of the risk of corrosion from concrete and ultimately crack the construction. 

  • Economical

These bars are not just superior in quality but also deliver greater savings.


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