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Kalinga Fe550 TMT Steel Bar Price

Kalinga TMT steel Bar Telangana Hyderabad India

Kalinga TMT: Endure to the Test of Time

Kalinga is a new corporation, fired by a dream to be a fragment of the Nation’s growth, and through a strong determination to fulfil it. Its high-quality Fe 550 TMT bars emanate with ADVANCED GRIP TECHNOLOGY which makes them the impeccable choice for the construction industry.

Why Kalinga TMT:

Forceful Manufacturing Process:

The TMT Fe 550 is manufactured using high-tech Thermex (TMX) German technology in its integrated steel plant. Prepared through a 15 MW Captive Power Plant, Induction Furnace, in addition to Fully Automatic Rolling Mill, it produces high-quality TMT bars from its self-manufactured sponge iron which sets it distant from the competition in expressions of chemical composition as well as mechanical strength.

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 8 mm Price

Rs 72, 200 /  MT

As on 12 July 2022 

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 12mm Price

Rs 69, 400 /  MT

As on 12 July 2022 

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 16mm Price

Rs 70, 600 /  MT

As on 12 July 2022 

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 25mm Price

Rs 70, 100 /  MT

As on 12 July 2022 

A Greater Product by Industry Standards:

The TMT Fe 550 bars are constructed to last. They are extremely strong, corrosion resistant, as well as have excellent bending property; providing them the strength to endure massive loads, earthquakes, as well as shakes.

Key Features

  1. Greater bending properties
  2. Great bonding strength
  3. Finer grain structure through flawless gauge and roundness
  4. Enhanced mechanical and chemical properties
  5. Outstanding corrosion resistance
  6. Extraordinary fatigue resistance
  7. Brilliant weld-ability and formability
  8. Earthquake as well as fire resistant
  9. Economical

Exceptional Weld-ability:

The TMT Fe 550 bars contain a low carbon equivalent which contributes them excellent weld-ability. This higher weld-ability safeguards that the bars can be butt-welded or else lap-welded using normal rutile-coated electrodes of corresponding strength. No pre-treatment or post-treatment is essential thus saving time and construction charge.

High Seismic Resistance:

The TMT Fe 550 bars undergo severe testing at its research facilities. Continual reverse loading pressure is applied to check the strength and flexibility. By energy dissipation remaining near to continuous during each test cycle, its bars have a verified superiority equated to the competition. UTS/YS ratio (Ultimate Tensile Strength as well as Yield Strength ratio) is maintained accompanied by Percentage Elongation testing to safeguard the TMT Fe 550 bars can deal with the load in earthquake prone zones.


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